Direct Selling Conference !

direct selling management conference Direct Selling Management conference by Trueventus is a two-day conference on direct selling management held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This is the first of it’s kind conference in the Asia region. The 2-day conference will be having the discussions about various topics including the evolution and future of direct marketing companies, successful strategies and methods in exploring current customer needs.

According to the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) Asia Pacific region is one of the most promising areas of direct marketing with a large share in the global direct selling market. There is a magnificent potential for this area in direct selling companies to be evolving and to have a rapid growth, all they need is to gain the momentum and keep updated with the current trends and confidence from the market.


• Demystifying future business sector methodology and reaction for Direct Selling

• Assessing the structure of Direct Selling organizations and business sector sways

• Gaining important involvement in getting ready new businesses in exceeding expectations in promoting and recruiting sales team

• Initiating great business practices among business systems

• Embracing difficulties and transforming them into conceivable development opportunities

Meet, Greet and Learn from the movers and shakers on effective tools and strategies essential in improving and boosting your business in accomplishing higher benefit and coming to more prominent statures!


  1. It is so vitally important to go to conferences within your company! It’s a great place to network and get ideas to bring in more clients. The really great thing is everyone there is in the same business as you, so you can see immediately if what they are doing would get results for your home business.

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