How Payment Gateways Are Integrated in MLM Software

Payment Gateways are nothing but an electronic payment service which authorizes payments for online business, online Shopping, E-commerce and other trusted online money transactions. In the case of a MLM Software, a Payment Gateway functions the role of a secured medium to make payments and any other money transactions. Payment gateways encrypt the sensitive information in digital format. This includes encrypting credit/VISA card numbers and sharing it securely between the customer and merchant.

Our Infinite MLM Software also ensure user’s money transactions through trusted secure Payment Gateways according to client’s need. Let us see how Infinite MLM Software’s payment gateway works.


How Payment Gateways Are Integrated in MLM Software

Payment Gateway automatically lists the transaction that is created by merchant. A list here is referred to as the temporary group of transactions which has to be carried out in a specific duration of time. This transaction includes buying New products, Bonus, Online Registration, Online Purchase, Signing Up new Members, Package Up-gradation, and Member Renewals.

Soon, transaction is read by the processor and notify credit card about the amount charged. Then the further notification is sent by the merchant and the transaction details are kept in online merchant account and the same transaction details are forwarded to user’s bank account via Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT).

Today. One cannot think of making or receiving on-line payments without a Payment Gateway. Its not only in MLM Software, but also in all Online shipping and other e-commerce phenomenons we see today are carried out using Payment Gateways. And it is proven that Digital (or) Electronic money transaction methods are taking over conventional payments these days much exponentially. We assure the security of Internet money transaction by providing integration of payment gateway from various service providers like:

  • CCAvenue
  • EBS (E-Billing Solutions)
  • Federal Bank
  • Paypal
  • First Data
  • NMI (Network Merchants INc.)
  • Liberty Reserve
  • Paypal
  • SolidTrust Pay
  • Ipayout

Our team Includes highly experienced developers for the Payment Gateway integration, thus we develops a complete MLM Software, E-commerce Software for various industries, MLM Companies, Shopping websites (E-commerce website), shopping carts etc. We do the process of connection of website to payment gateways which makes the transmission of transaction data very fast,secure and reliable.This makes more comfort because the payment gateway is required 24/7 for transactions.


  1. I’m developing a MLM website where users will deposit money in our bank account, enabling them to make more money.
    The question is: is there a payment gateway that will allow users to withdraw their winnings from our bank account ? or is there an authorization needed to make this kind of business possible ?

    Thank you

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