Review Of Top 10 Affiliated Marketing Companies


Affiliate marketing is type of marketing here a business rewards one more affiliates for each customer brought by affiliates own marketing efforts. Simply it is an commission based business plan one gets commission for making a business to the company. There are lots of companies are there who provide affiliate marketing services. Let us take a look at the Top Ten Affiliate Marketing Companies around the globe.

#1 Commision Junction

Commission junction is an on line affiliate marketing website  based in US it was founded in the year 1998 is in Santa Barbara, California. They also have presence in European countries like UK, Germany, France, Sweden and Spain.Commission junction provides more features than the other affiliate marketing websites. One of its most unique feature is a web-based email system that allows affiliates and advertisers to correspond with each other. This will help to establish a connection between the parties without any middleman relaying the messages. They do not classify advertisers as premium advertisers but they do represent  large and well known businesses that are able to create more traffic through the advertisement, raising commissions.

Alexa Global Ranking 459


  #2 Linkshare

Rakuten linkshare corporation is an on line marketing company exclusively for online marketing business mainly based on Affiliate marketing. Linkshare was founded in 1996 in New York. It has the largest network of affiliated programs for any business. Rakuten LinkShare is also tagged as a pioneer in online affiliate marketing. There are various features in linkshare other than many sites. Their features provides users with more variety in their applications, built to improve targeted visitors along with keep shoppers buying extended, therefore raising commissions. It allows publishers to create tracking links that will take customers to a product on an advertiser’s site with just the click of a button.LinkShare is consistently trying to give much better features with regards to publishers that may make a lot more commission.


Alexa Global Ranking 845

#3 onenetworkdirect


oneNetworkDirect offers a user-friendly website and account interface that makes it simple for anyone to earn commissions off from product promotions and sales. Digital River’s oneNetworkDirect affiliate network was established in the year 2006 in Minnetonka, US. It was established with an aim of driving traffic for Digital River commerce customers and being a top affiliate network for affiliates around the world. oND offers all of the features and search options we felt businesses were looking for. oneNetworkDirect allows affiliates to create a coupon RSS feed to their websites. You can design your websites according to your specifications and can be customized by countries, languages and categories. The feed columns will be  included with: start date, expiration date, coupon code, coupon title, offer description, HTML code, link URL, product name, product description and product image URLs. oneNetworkDirect is a very highly recommended service but the customer service is not that impressive but if you have patience to handle with such things go on with oneNetworkDirect.

Alexa Global Ranking 26,035

#4 Shareasale

Shareasale is an US based affiliate programming established in the year 2000. Headquartered in Chicago. They help affiliates to find products to promote, and earn commission for referrals on those products. Affiliates work with their web site, blogs, pay-per-click promotions, SEO promotions, RSS and mail, as well as a volume of some other means. With a large array of categories for affiliates to choose from and an easy-to-use site, ShareASale delivers affiliate marketing for the people. Having stories as well as product sales current within real-time, users have the ability to enjoy their income continuously raise. The database provides product information including tracking URLs, which link an affiliate to any sale that has been generated. ShareASale offers the merchants and the products affiliates look to promote without the scams. The website is created for the user and provides anyone who wants to get involved with affiliate marketing the opportunity to do so.


Alexa Global Ranking 687


#5 Google Affiliate Network

Google affiliate network is the affiliate network marketing company owned by Google. It was founded in 1997 and the company  formerly known as Double click Performics, which was bought by Google in 2007. This is one of the top affiliate marketing service companies today. Google’s virtual advertising program allows webmasters to promote ads from over 800 merchants on their websites. Google affiliates can find special features through their account pages. Google does not provide the number of search options like other services present, but they still offer a good selection. The Google Affiliate Network interface is well designed and easy to use. Google is a well trusted name because of their  quality services. Google Affiliate Network will not let down customers fulfilling their trust in the name Google. Google offers the features, options and credibility that we feel make an affiliate marketing service great.

Alexa Global Ranking 1 (


#6 Plimus

Plimus is a company that started in ecommerce has entered in affiliated marketing services making revenue. They are providing a lot of features to the users. They have created a tutorial in order to help the users to get maximum benefit of the website. There options like Google analytic tracking which will allow them to track their buy now sales pages. Plimus offers main categories, sub categories and keywords for affiliates to use as they search for specific products or advertisers to promote on their website.The plimus website and account are very easy to use and navigate, the site is customer friendly. They have good customer handling wing too.Their customer help representatives provide phone, email and support ticket options as a convenient way for users to have their concerns resolved. plimus is a  great site to start affiliates.

Alexa Global Ranking 20,149

#7 Amazon associates

Amazon associates is a service provided by amazon in order to attract affiliates who are interested in promoting  amazon products using their own websites and gaining commissions. One of the important features provided by amazon to their affiliates is that they can build an online store linked or within from a website. Amazon offers report summaries and links for the full report on earnings, orders and links. Amazon allows users to search for products by category and product type. Users can also search the products they promote against other Amazon products. Even though it is only possibly to advertise products found on  Amazon .com, the quantity of goods is actually unlimited when compared to some other services corporations. Affiliates has built an incredibly user-friendly website that enables anyone, coming from a significant business webmaster with a private web site article author, to utilize the services. All of us located the offer to be an excellent alternative pertaining to affiliate marketing.

Alexa Global Ranking 7 (

#8 Flexoffers

Flexoffers is comparatively a smaller company than all other providing affiliate marketing. They are providing almost all other features like other sites but this site is more suitable to small business or personal account, here a chance is there to get proceed and to advertise through the site than other sites. FlexOffers gives many key options that provide users with associate optimum affiliate promoting expertise. FlexOffers provides a easy website interface further as easy account services. once linguistic communication up for Associate in Nursing publisher account, FlexOffers can raise you to fill out your personal and business data and supply the computer address for the web site on that you’ll be advertising. Although they are not providing selecting merchants like others they do provide only well known advertisers marketed through through flexoffers. These site is benefit for both small and large scale industries.

Alexa Global Ranking 17,170

#9 Clickbank

Clickbank is an US based affiliate marketing company established in the year 1998. It’s goal to have a connection between vendors and and affiliate marketers who then promote to the users.clickbank is mainly deals with ebooks and softwares. They offers thousands of digital products to promote while earning a good commission. They allow affiliates to promote their business in four different languages and 13 different currencies so than they can achieve almost all major currencies and languages around the globe which is not available with many other sites. Finding something is very easy in clickbank they are provided every items by category. Clickbank provides high selection of merchants for their registered affiliates to promote and large selection of features and functions available for their affiliates to utilize. The services are user-friendly and we highly recommend as a top affiliate marketing company.

Alexa Global Ranking 381


#10 OMG

OMG was founded in 1999 . The founder of OMG is Richard Syme launched UK Web Promotion (later OMG Search) to provide search marketing services – one of just eight UK players in the sector at the time. OMG have a team of around 70, based at their headquarters in Norwich, UK, and satellite offices across Europe. OMG is divided into three business units, each focused on a different channel: OMG Network (affiliate marketing), OMG Search (search engine marketing) and OMG Rewards (referral and incentive marketing).They are started a new division, established in 2001 with co-founder Rob Starkey, grew rapidly into one of the top performance-based affiliates in the UK. OMG has built its reputation on a market-leading combination of service excellence and technical motivation

Alexa Global Ranking 2,250


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