Review Of Top 10 MLM Companies in The World

Do you wonder which all are the booming Top 10 MLM Companies? Your quest for the same ends here. Here is the list Of Top 10 MLM Companies in world and their details.

Top 10 MLM companies

1. Avon Products, Inc.

Avon Products, Inc is first in list of Top 10 MLM Companies. It is known simply as Avon, an American worldwide producer and supplier of cosmetics, household, and personal care organization that offers products through associates in over 140 nations across the globe. As of 2012, Avon had yearly sales of $10.7 billion dollars globally. AVon is the fifth-largest Costemic/beauty organization and second biggest network marketing business on the globe, with 6.4 thousand associates.

Type : Public

Traded as : NYSE: AVP S&P 500 Component

Products : Cosmetics, Perfume, Clothing, Toys

Headquarters : New York City, New York, U.S.

Executive Chairman : Andrea Jung

CEO : Sherilyn S. McCoy

Revenue : US$ 10.717 billion (2012)

Operating income : US$ 314.8 million (2012)

Employees : 39,100 (Dec 2012)

Website : avoncompany .com

2. Amway

Amway (American Way) is an United states worldwide direct-selling organization that offer a wide range of products, mainly in the health, cosmetics, and home care marketplaces to customers and separate entrepreneurs.Amway was established in 1959 by Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos. Based in Ada, Michigan, the organization and sister companies under Alticor revealed sales of USD$11.3 billion dollars for the season finished Dec 31, 2012 – the 7th successive season of development for the organization

Type : Private

Products : Amway Home, glister, G&H, Nutrilite, Artistry, AmwayQueen, eSpring, ATMOSPHERE etc.

Headquarters : Ada, Michigan, United States

Executive Chairman : Steve Van Andel

President : Doug DeVos

Revenue : US$ 11.3 billion (2012)

Employees : 20,000

Parent : Alticor

Website : Amway. com

3. Empower Network

Empower Network Proves to be the online opportunity allowing its members to make money easily with less challenges. Most of their products are crafted in a professional manner ensuring better outputs immediately. Empower Network was founded by David Wood and David Sharpe and launched on October 31, 2011. Despite the problems with merchant accounts during launch, nowadays Empower Network is considered as the hot, attractive and very profitable business.

Type : Private (Direct Sales Software Company)

Platform: Plug N Play Viral System

Headquarters : St. Petersburg, Florida

Key People : David Wood and David Sharpe

Major Achievement :  $1 million in commissions generated in just a week’s time

Founded : 2011

Website : empowernetwork. com

4. Arrix

Ariix is another booming MLM Company foundede in 2011 and headquartered in Utah. Their mission is “UNLEASHING THE HUMAN POTENTIAL FOR GOOD”. Ariix offers the highest quality, science-driven products and services for total health

Type : Private

Products :

Rejuveniix – concentrated superfruit extracts

Minerals – array of phytonutrients and minerals

Omega-Q – a blend of essential fatty acids and CoQ-10 and more health suppliments

Headquarters : Utah

Key People:

President & Founder: Mark Wilson

CEO & Co-Founder: Dr. Fred W. Cooper

Chief Product Officer & Founder: Deanna Latson

Chief Operating Officer & Founder: Riley Timmer

Chief Financial Officer & founder:Jeff Yates

Website :

5. Organo Gold

Organo Gold is established by Bernardo Chua, in 2008 and as an objective,to promote the knowledge of Ganoderma to the four sides around the globe and integrating with many people along the way.

Using the affordable Network marketing system to sell these Ganoderma products, more of every money is distributed to the increasing Organo Gold family world-wide.

Type : Private

Products : Coffee, Tea, Vitamins, Soap, Toothpaste

Headquarters : Washington

Founded & CEO: Bernardo Chua

Global Master Distributor and Co-Founder: Shane Morand

Vice President, Sales: Holton Buggs

Revenue : $300 million (Est. 2012 revenue)

Website : organogold. com

6. Herbalife

Herbalife is a multi-level marketing organization that sells nutrition, weight reduction and skin-care products. The organization was established in 1980, and it employs around 5,000 people worldwide. Herbalife reported net revenue of US$3.45 billion dollars in 2011 with a retail store revenue turn over of US$5.1 billion dollars with an increase of US$1.1 billion dollars retail store revenue on 2010.Though it is incorporated in the Cayman Islands, its corporate headquarters are in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Type : Public

Traded as : NYSE: HLF

Products : Weight management, nutritional supplements, personal care, sports nutrition.

Headquarters : L.A. Live

Chairman & CEO : Michael O. Johnson

Revenue : US$ 4.072 billion (2012)

Operating income : US$ 661.447 million

Employees : 6,200 (31 Dec 2012)

Website : herbalife. com

7. Natura Cosméticos S.A.

Natura is the Brazilian leading manufacturer and marketer of beauty products, household, and personal care, health/skin care, solar filters, beauty products, fragrance and hair maintenance systems the organization that sells items through representatives in many countries across the world. The organization was established in 1969, by Luiz Seabra and became a public organization, listed on São Paulo Stock Exchange, in 2004.

Type : Sociedade Anônima

Traded as : BM&F Bovespa: NATU3

Products : Cosmetics, fragrances and personal hygiene items

Headquarters : Cajamar, Brazil

Chairman : Plínio Villares Musetti

CEO : Alessandro Giuseppe Carlucci

Revenue : US$ 3.2 billion (2012)

Net income : US$ 420.3 million (2012)

Employees : 6,260

Website : natura. net

8. Vorwerk & Co. KG

Vorwerk is a worldwide varied business group located in Wuppertal, Germany. The main business is thedirect selling of various products like household equipments e.g. vaccum cleaners, fixed cooking areas or beauty products. Vorwerk was established in 1883.

Including sales associates, the family business, which is managed as a restricted collaboration, utilizes almost 500, 000 people in over 60 nations globally, (as of 2011). For the year 2011, the company published earnings of 2.367 billion euros.

Type : limited partnership

Products : Household appliances, fitted kitchens, cosmetics, services, carpets

Headquarters : Wuppertal, Germany

Managing Partner(s) : Walter Muyres, Reiner Strecker, Frank van Oers

CEO : Alessandro Giuseppe Carlucci

Revenue : 2.367 billion € (business volume 2011)

Website :

9. Mary Kay Inc.

Mary Kay, Inc. is a private multi-level marketing organization that offers beauty products products straight to customers. According to Direct Selling Information, Mary Kay was the 6th biggest direct selling organization in the world this year, with net revenue of USD 2.9 billion dollars.

Mary Kay is centered in Addison, Florida, outside Facilities. The organization was established by Mary Kay Ash in 1963. Rich Rogers, Jane Kay’s son, is the chair, and Bob Holl is chief executive and wasCEO in 2006.

Type : Privately held company

Products : Skin care, cosmetics, sun protection, perfume

Headquarters : Addison, Texas

Chairman : Richard R. Rogers

CEO : David Holl

Revenue : US$2.9 Billion in 2011

Employees : Staff 5,000, Salespeople ; 2.8 million worldwide (2011)

Website :

10. Tupperware Brands Corp.

Tupperware Manufacturers Organization, formerly Tupperware Organization, is a worldwide network marketing organization.

The organization was rated equivalent # 2 in Fortune’s Most Admired Home equipment and furniture area.

Tupperware has become so acquainted that the word is often used, uncapitalized, as a common term for any resealable plastic container

Type : Public

Traded as : NYSE: TUP

Products : Food Storage, Kitchen Preparation, Serving, Microwave, On-the-Go, Baking, Cookware, Cutlery, cosmetics, personal care products

Headquarters : Orlando, Florida, USA

Chairman & CEO : Rick Goings

Revenue : $2,300.4 million (2010)

Operating income : US$ 326.5 million (2010)

Employees : 313,500 (2010)

Website :

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