Younique MLM Review Online

By: Dan Le

Before continuing on with this Younique Review, I am not associated with this company. I have written hundreds of MLM Companies on the web to help you to make a financial decision if this is the right company to sign up with.

Younique MLM Review

Younique Company Overview

In 2008 in January Phillip Judge is the founder and president of the Younique. There niche that has to do with promoting bullion coins in gold and silver. It is a Mlm business opportunity that has their saying is “The Wealth Plan for Every Man” Their headquarters is outside the United States in Panama City, Panama.

The corporate team that is gathered with Younique is CEO Mike Turton, European Operations Bill Rowell and as well as Treasury of Secretary Simon Heaps. These types of people believe it is the best time to start investing in gold and silver. They have the knowledge and experience in the precious metal field in network advertising and marketing.

Younique Products

The product is selling and collection gold and silver coins. These collectible coins is often purchased through the Younique business owner’s corporate website. However, you have to become a qualified Younique business owner to get access to the gold and silver wholesale shop. The company states that these collectible gold and silver coins are private issues and owned by the actual buyer of these coins.

So every gold and silver coin is purchased to the buyer, it has a unique number and it is estimated as an investment from each coin. These gold and silver coins are non-government issued and are usually privately sent to the buyer that is in mint condition. Also, these collectible coins are provided towards the buyer with a certification of Quality & Assurance from the refiner that is tended to have a guarantee on the weight and the pureness of the Younique product.

Other than savings from these valuable coin collecting, Younique that provider the buyers offers them a wealth education. It gives them in their position to get more perspective and experience to create their own awareness and recognition of abundance.

Younique Business Opportunity Investment

If you are interested in becoming a business owner with Younique to get involved in the gold and silver retail shop savings. There is absolutely no cost for you to join; the only requirement is an affordable investment is to buy your coins through the Younique retail shop from a business owners website today. You can start saving immediately from a program that starts as a low investment from $25.00.

As for the gold and silver coin wholesale shop savings, you have to become a qualified IBO to get access to it. For those that are qualified IBO’s that sign up for the business in Younique as an IBO. Therefore, you must have an agreement to become around the $149 per month auto savings.

You must learn and implement an Attraction Advertising and marketing System to start generating infinity amount of qualified prospects which are interested in investing collectible gold and silver coins with Younique.

In order to make that materialize as a business owner with Younique, It is critical that you start implementing an Attraction Advertising System that will show you the step by step strategies to start branding yourself as a leader to gain exposure and credibility in the home based business industry!

Author Resource:-> Dan Le is an SEO and Net Advertising and Marketing Consultant. He has the passion to help others to explore their business on the net!

There is the possibility to generate additional income streams despite the facts that your prospects say NO to your Younique business opportunity.

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