Top MLM Companies 2020

Top 13 MLM & Network Marketing Companies of 2020

Creating a list of the Top MLM Companies of 2020 is the need of the day, especially at a time when people are preferring a fruitful and financially independent career in network marketing over the rat race of corporate life.

Here is a list of the top MLM companies around the globe with the most promising network marketing opportunities to thrive.

The criteria for any ranking can be diverse and non-specific. However one of the major factors that are considered for ranking network marketing companies is the global revenue that the company makes, for obvious reasons.

Another important factor is the number of years the company has been in the business. This is because, globally, thousands of network marketing companies opened up since the late 1960s but few of them managed to celebrate a decade in business. The traffic received by the company website as well as the number of countries in which the company operates are also detrimental while evaluating the Best MLM companies.

As has been observed since the induction of the concept of multilevel marketing into the world economy, nutrition, weight management and skin care products continue to drive the trends in network marketing in 2020. Amway is the Alpha of the pack with a revenue $8.80 billion.

This is the ultimate list of Top 10 MLM Companies 2020

#13. Coway

Coway is a Korean MLM company. They are well known all over the world for their water purifiers. Their products include water purifiers, air purifiers, and bidets. The company focuses mainly on Asia only and still managed to amass a revenue of $ 2.69 billion in 2020.

Founded: 1989

Alexa Rank:    

Industry: Home Appliances; Home Care, Cosmetics

CEO: Hae-Sun Lee

Revenue:  $ 2.69 billion

Estimated Employees: 4700


#12. Natura

Natura is a Brazilian MLM company specialising in personal care and cosmetics. The company is active in over 73 countries and 6 continents all around the world. Their products include bath and body, haircare, skincare, fragrance, baby products, and gift sets. The company manages to generate an income of $ 3.66 billion in 2020.

Founded: 1969

Alexa Rank:

Industry: Personal Care and Cosmetics

CEO: Joao Paulo Brotto Gonçalves Ferreira

Revenue: $ 3.66 billion

Estimated Employees: 40,000


#11. Vorwerk                                                                       

Vorwerk is a German MLM company that primarily sells household appliances, fitted kitchens, and cosmetics. The company is over a century years old and has grown into an international corporate group. The Thermomix multi-purpose kitchen appliance is one of their most popular products. Vorwerk managed to amass a revenue of $4.23 billion in 2020.

Founded: 1883

Alexa Rank: 32

Industry: Household appliances, Fitted kitchens, Cosmetics.

CEO: Kai Schaeffner

Revenue: $4.23 billion

Estimated Employees: 12,000


#10. Melaleuca

Founded in 1985, Melaleuca is a wellness company that has around 400 products which are sold by network marketing. By operating in 19 countries, this company managed to stay on top by designing their health, home cleaning, pharmaceutical and personal care products in a more cost-effective manner than grocery store brands. It has managed to surpass $2 billion sales in 2017, making it one of the top MLM companies around the globe.

Melaleuca mlm company

Alexa Rank:17,644
Industry:Health, Home cleaning, pharmaceutical and personal care products
CEO: Frank L. VanderSloot
Revenue::$2 billion (2017)
Estimated Employees:2,000

#9. 4 Life

An Utah-based MLM company that sells supplements that supports immune system health, body transformation, and general wellness,4 Life is one of the few companies that has managed to break into the list of top MLM companies in fairly less amount of time. The company manages to generate an income of $250 million today, operating in around 22 countries.

4 life mlm company

Alexa Rank:39,791
Industry:Supplement Products
Chairman:David Lisonbee
CEO:Daniel Lee
Revenue:: $250 million
Estimated Employees:500

#8. LegalShield

In a list of top MLM companies that is dominated by companies that sell beauty and lifestyle products, LegalShield is the sole MLM company that begs to differ. Boasting of a history of around 46 years, it develops and sells pre-paid legal plans through thousands of independent attorneys across US and Canada, generating an income of $400 million.

legalshield mlm company

Alexa Rank:52,777
Industry:Beauty and lifestyle products
CEO:Jeff Bell
Revenue::$400 million
Estimated Employees:620


One of the newbies amongst the top MLM companies, USANA boasts of high quality, science-based nutrition, and skin care. Founded in 1992, the company operates in more than 20 countries globally, generating an income of $790 million.

usana mlm company

Alexa Rank:48,638
Industry:science-based nutrition, and skin care
Chairman:Dr. Myron Wentz
CEO:Kevin Guest
Estimated Employees:1810

#6. NuSkin

NuSkin is an American MLM company that sells personal care and dietary supplements under Pharmanex brand. Founded in 1984, NuSkin markets its products in 54 countries, generating a revenue of $2.25 billion. In spite of facing a fair number of legal troubles in some American and Asian countries in the late 1990s, this company has managed to remain one of the top MLM companies over the years.

nuskin mlm company

Alexa Rank:18,113
Industry:personal care and dietary supplements
CEO:Truman Hunt
Revenue::$2.25 billion
Estimated Employees:4,700

#5. Oriflame

Oriflame is a Luxembourg based company founded in 1967. The company sells personal care, accessories and nutritional products through MLM model as well as online sales. This Swedish stalwart in MLM operates in more than 60 countries with sales exceeding € 1.5 billion.

oriflame mlm company

Alexa Rank:4,832
Industry:personal care, accessories and nutritional products
CEO:Magnus Brännström
Revenue::€ 1.5 billion ( approx)
Estimated Employees:6000+

#4. Tupperware

Started in 1948 in Massachusetts, Tupperware is a home products line that included preparation, storage, and serving products for the kitchen and home. This company managed to rope in a revenue of $2.3 billion last year to remain in the list of Top MLM companies of 2020.

tupperware mlm company

Alexa Rank:92,384
Industry:kitchen and household products,
Chairman:E.V Rick Goings
CEO:Patricia A. Stitzel
Revenue::$3.2 Billion
Estimated Employees:12,000

#3. Herbalife

Herbalife started in 1980 with its primary aim to change the nutritional habits of the world. It operates in around 95 companies and deals with nutritional supplements, weight management, sports nutrition and personal care products. Generating a net sales of $4.488 billion in 2017, it has managed to grab a spot on the list of top MLM companies of 2020.

herbalife mlm company

Alexa Rank:81,551
Industry:Food & Soft Beverages
Chairman:Michael Johnson
CEO:Richard P. Goudis
Revenue::$4.488 billion (2017)
Estimated Employees:8000

#2. Avon

One of the oldest companies to break grounds into network marketing, Avon is a top MLM company in beauty, household, and personal care categories. The company generated $5.7billion last year and operates in almost 100 countries.

avon mlm company

Alexa Rank:519,147
Industry:Beauty, Household, Personal care
Chairman:Jack Stahl
CEO:Jan Zijderveld
Revenue::$5.7billion (2017)
Estimated Employees:50,000

#1. Amway

A brand that has been synonymous with network marketing, Amway has been one of top MLM companies for years. Generating a revenue of $8.80 billion, the American MLM company has managed to beat its counterparts by leaps and bounds to retain its top spot in 2020.

amway mlm company

Alexa Rank:17,995
Industry:Household & Personal products
Chairman:Steve Van Andel
President:Doug DeVos
Revenue::$8.6 billion USD
Estimated Employees:21,000

The Above listed MLM Companies may vary as per year!

That is quite an impressive list of companies that started from the scratch and made it big through network marketing. Aiming to be in this list sometime in the future? We can help you manage a flourishing network marketing business. Build an MLM Software to start or boost your MLM business.

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