Best Paying MLM Companies Across The Globe

Multi-level marketing or network marketing is one of the most rewarding and popular business models out there today. With hard work, passion, commitment, and dedication anyone can make it big in Multi-level marketing. It can be your pathway to financial freedom. But a lot of this depends on the MLM company you choose to be a member of. Members are paid according to the compensation plans of the companies. Different MLM companies have different compensation plans. Here we are listing out the best paying MLM companies. So let’s have a look at the highest bonuses paying network marketing companies.

Best Paying MLM Companies – Highest Paying MLM Companies Across The Globe

1. Forever Living

Forever Living is one of the top and best paying MLM companies in the United States. Forever Living promises attractive returns and large commissions. Their products are organic and original. With today’s increased demand for organic products, Forever Living’s sales have significantly improved. Members get a 30% distributor discount on their products. The initial starting cost is also minimal ranging from $88 to $250. Distributors are eligible for many bonuses to maximize their potential earnings.

2. Tupperware

Tupperware is one of the most popular and highest bonuses paying network marketing companies all over the world. Tupperware has many popular products such as cookware, bottles, bakeware, etc… Tupperware is popular among housewives, for the income that it promises and because of its products that are useful to every home. Their salesforce consists of over 3 million independent distributors spread over 80 countries. Tupperware dealers all over the world claim to earn about $700 to $800 in extra income every year.

3. Mary Kay

Mary Kay was established in 1963 and has always been one of the best paying MLM companies in the world. Mary Kay is a leading brand in the case of beauty products. It has a line of more than 200 premium beauty products in skincare, body care, nail care, and fragrance. Their products are widely sought-after beauty enthusiasts all over the world. Mary Kay is known for its excellent product quality. They make sure that each product passes through rigorous quality tests, research, and development. Their salesforce is spread over 30 countries and has a team strength of more than 3.5 million independent distributors. Mary Kay’s annual sales are in the range of over three billion USD.

4. Amway

Amway is not just one of the oldest, established, reputable, and highest bonuses paying network marketing companies out there. It is even considered by many as the first business ever to implement the network networking business model. Amway is well known for its nutrition, beauty, health, home care, and wellness products. Nutrilite, Amway’s health supplements brand is considered the top health supplement brand in the world today. The company also has over 3 million distributors in over 100 countries around the world. Amway and its group of sister companies have registered sales of over $8.4 billion in 2019.

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5. Avon

Avon has been around for the past 125 years. It is one of the most popular and best paying MLM companies. The company was established in the late 1800s in London. Avon has an unparalleled reputation in the home, health care, and beauty industries. Avon cosmetics products are so successful that they compete with the top cosmetics brands like Chanel and Dior. Avon products are distributed by more than 6 million independent distributors in over 70 countries worldwide. Avon amassed sales of $5.57 billion worldwide in 2019.

6. Herbalife

Herbalife is a network marketing giant known worldwide for its nutritional products. It was established in 1980 in Los Angeles, California. Herbalife is famous for its health, wellness, and beauty products. It is one of the world’s best-selling MLM companies today. According to Business For Home, Herbalife amassed $4.9 billion in annual sales for the year 2018. The company boasts of a salesforce of over 4.5 million distributors spread over 94 countries.

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These are the best-paying MLM companies today. It’s essential to choose the company wisely if you want to make money from MLM. Joining an MLM company is an important choice and one that you shouldn’t take casually. You will initially have to invest money, time, and resources into that organization. So make sure that your efforts will not go in vain.

The companies listed here are the highest bonuses paying network marketing companies. They have been in the MLM field for years and have established their names among the top companies in the world.

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