Top 10 MLM Compensation Plans

Top 10 MLM Compensation Plans

Pavanan Ghosh

If you are considering starting your own MLM Business, it is necessary to settle on a compensation plan. An MLM compensation plan can be considered the backbone of any network marketing business. The best MLM compensation plans can help you to place your ideas into action & let you decide how your business would be.

Here we will have a look at the need for an MLM business plan in the network marketing business and the top 10 best MLM compensation plans.

Need for MLM Business Plan in Network Marketing Business

MLM Compensation plans can often be confusing. There are several factors you consider while choosing the best MLM Compensation plan for your business. How do you pick an MLM plan that will set you up to be successful in the coming years?

Compensation plans are ultimately how one gets paid in a network marketing business and therefore, are very important. Network marketing compensation plans could be binary, matrix, uni-level, board matrix, stairstep & breakaway, etc. Make sure not to choose a complicated MLM, as it can be difficult to explain to someone. Keep it simple and make sure they understand that they can make money with it, as that is everyone’s primary concern.

The compensation plan has got to be robust and most importantly attract prospects. It should grow with your success and have the flexibility to keep up with the dynamic changes that take place in the business world today. Before choosing a network marketing company, it is best to carefully examine the MLM plan and see if it is easy to understand and sustainable for the near future.

When you are searching for the Best MLM Compensation Plan, you should also keep in mind that what you’re really looking for is the compensation plan that works best for you. Everyone is different, and that means that everyone has different needs. To find an MLM compensation plan that works best for you, you need to begin with figuring out how much money you and your family need right now.

If the MLM company that you are considering joining does not meet your needs, then move on to something else. Remember though, that MLM companies are going to pay based on how much effort you are willing to put into your networking and sales.

List of 10 Top MLM Compensation Plans:

  1. Binary MLM Plan
  2. Matrix MLM Plan
  3. Unilevel MLM Plan
  4. Stair Step Breakaway MLM Plan
  5. Generation MLM plan
  6. Board MLM Plan
  7. Party MLM Plan
  8. Hybrid MLM Plan
  9. Australian binary MLM Plan
  10. Monoline MLM Plan


  1. Binary MLM Plan

    Binary MLM Plan is one of the basic MLM compensation plans in MLM. This compensation plan eliminates many of the demerits that come with traditional network marketing plans. The whole setup is more simple here.
    A binary plan can be called a 2 x n matrix plan where n corresponds to the number of levels. Commissions can be derived from the corresponding levels. We get the value of ‘n’ as infinite in most compensation plans.

    How does Binary MLM Plan work?

    In the binary plan, new members are introduced into a binary tree structure. It is a multi level marketing compensation plan which allows distributors to have only two front-line distributors. Here, the distributors must balance their two down-line legs to achieve commission.
    The Binary MLM Plan can be modified to other plans. The Modern Australian Binary plan is very clear and simply understandable. This is an alteration of the tri-binary strategy. The first stage of the network has three kid associates, that’s why it is also known as the 2:1 or 1:2 strategy, two to the right and one to the remaining. The third following stage has two kid associates for each parent.

    Are you facing difficulties in calculating the profits and losses of Binary MLM Software?
    Get the instant calculation with Binary MLM Plan Calculator.

  2. Matrix MLM Plan

    Matrix Plan, also called Forced Matrix Plan, is based on a structure that has a fixed set width and depth for which the members are compensated. Currently, there exist some other plans as variations of Matrix Plans, but the basic concept for all is the same.

    The structure of the Matrix Plan is represented by the equation (width x depth). For example, if someone says that this is a 4 x 5 plan; it means that he is limited to sponsoring a maximum of 4 frontline distributors and he has the potential to earn commissions that are up to 5 levels deep.

    How does Matrix Plan work?

    The structure of Matrix allows distributors to sponsor the chain of recruits into their downline once their frontline is fully equipped. According to the old matrix strategy, the new distributor will be automatically added to the vacant space. But nowadays, new variants of matrix plans allow the distributor to decide their position.

    Mostly, the new strategy is widely accepted these days as its more attractive. This also enables distributors to control their business along with teamwork and mutual benefits.

    While discussing the potential side, the number of commissions paid on each level is different. Therefore there will be more incentive for the distributors to their particular downline only (without creating a benefit to others).

    Use Matrix MLM Plan Calculator for the commission calculation.

  3. Unilevel MLM Plan

    The Unilevel MLM plan is another compensation structure that is much easier to understand. As the name suggests, the Unilevel MLM plan only enables you to sponsor a single line of distributors. Ensuring that everyone you sponsor is on your frontline.

    How does Unilevel Plan Work?

    The important feature of the Unilevel Plan is that it has no limit. ie, You can add as many people to your frontline. The major goal of this plan is to recruit a large number of frontline distributors and encourage them to do the same.

    In this plan, earning commission required a fixed minimum amount of member volume. So this plan will work effectively for part-timers to earn. Although it tends to be easier to earn a commission using this unilevel compensation structure, while comparing it to other plans, the structure itself restricts the total amount of each commission you can earn.

    Try out our Unilevel MLM Calculator to estimate your MLM income.

  4. Stair Step Breakaway Plan

    Stair Step Breakaway Plan is another classic compensation plan that many major network marketing companies follow. The structure of this plan has a proven track record as it is commonly implemented.

    As the name suggests; here in this plan, distributors can climb their ladder of success and they are allowed to break this chain when they reach their potential success. breaking from their upline allows them to earn more commission.

    How does Stair Step Breakaway Plan Work?

    As an individual distributor, breaking away from your upline grants you a lot of benefits which include earning a high commission rate, etc. But it also can create a serious negative impact on the company you are breaking away from. Once you have broken, the volume that your upline received from you will no longer flow. While considering your upline, your breakaway will be like losing a customer.

    But even if the distributors break away, a sponsor will still get a small amount from each breakaway. And this can be called an override commission. Each breakaway in an organization is called a generation. But on the other end, this override commission is comparatively less in amount while considering the commissions they were earning previously.

  5. Generation MLM plan

    The Generation plan can be tricky to understand and explain, especially to newcomers. It functions similarly to the Unilevel plan; instead of levels, you are paid for generations. A Generation is all the volume from you down to the next person in your downline who is in the same or higher rank. The next generation is all the volume from that person down to the next person your rank or higher, and so on.

    How does Generation MLM Plan Work?

    The main advantage of the Generation Plan is that you can quickly see how powerful it can be. Consider the example given below, there are 16 levels, although it is only 4 generations. Typically you are paid the most on your first generation, and then less for each subsequent generation.

    So even though you might be paid 10% on your first generation, it may only be 6% on your second, 4% on your third, and 2% on your fourth. However, you can see that in this example you are paid on 127 distributors through 4 generations, but it would only be 43 distributors if it was through 6 levels.

  6. Board MLM Plan

    The Board MLM plan also known as the revolving matrix plan is a simplistic MLM plan ideal for a network with limited members. It is one of the most popular MLM plans internationally. A group of members works together as a board in this plan. The number of members on the board will depend on the type of board MLM plan.

    How does Board MLM Plan work?

    The board is constantly divided as new members join. The top positions move automatically. Members move up ranks based on successful referrals. Initially, you would have a blank board. You have to fill your board by recruiting new members. The pattern and dimensions of the board will be according to the company. Bonuses such as referral bonus, matching bonus, level commission, position bonus, board completion bonus, cycle commission, etc… can be earned through this plan.

  7. Party MLM Plan

    The party MLM plan allows members to directly sell their products to customers and recruit new members. Members get commissions from the products they sell and the products sold by their recruits. Often selling is prioritized over recruitment in this plan. Cosmetics, health supplements, home care items, etc… are usually sold using party MLM plans.

    How does Party MLM Plan work?

    Members host parties or get-togethers to which potential customers and recruits are invited. Customers can get products directly from the seller at discounted rates and potential recruits can discuss business plans and get to know more about the products. Products attractive to women are generally chosen for Party MLM plans as most members of this plan tend to be women.

  8. Hybrid MLM Plan

    The hybrid MLM plan is one of the most advanced MLM plans out there. It combines different MLM plans to get the best out of each plan and eliminate its limitations. A hybrid of the unilevel plan and binary plan is very popular. The team is structured as a single unit in this plan. Compensations and bonuses largely depend on the performance of the downline users.

    How does Hybrid MLM Plan work?

    The structure of the Hybrid MLM plan is similar to that of the binary plan with the right and left legs. The commissions depend on the personal volumes of the downlines and the team group volume. Downlines can also make earnings similar to top members in this plan. Bonuses such as fast start bonus, referral bonus, custom bonus, etc… can be earned through the hybrid MLM plan.

  9. Australian Binary MLM Plan

    The Australian binary MLM plan is an upgraded version of the tri-binary MLM plan. Commissions can be generated comparatively faster in this plan compared to other similar plans. Payouts are independent of levels and become larger according to the pair.

    How does the Australian binary MLM Plan work?

    The Australian binary MLM plan has an extra leg along with the left and right legs that improve the compensation structure. This leg also offers the potential to earn additional income for the user. The plan is equally beneficial for members and the organization.

  10. #10 Monoline MLM Plan

    The monoline MLM plan is a simple single-line MLM plan with unlimited levels. This plan is widely chosen by companies all over the world. Building a downline is highly important in this plan. New recruits are added to the network based on the time frame. Members receive commissions from the sales of everyone below them in the network.

    How does the Monoline MLM Plan work?

    Monoline MLM plan works on a first come first serve basis. Early joiners will reap more rewards. This motivates potential recruits to join the network quickly. Members do not have to meet any targets or deadlines in the monoline MLM plan. Bonuses such as referral bonuses, re-entry bonuses, and matching bonuses can be earned through this plan.

Winding up

Here, we have discussed the top 10 MLM Plans and why these plans are important for your business. To review the features of MLM Software, check Free MLM Software Demo for each compensation plan. We also offer custom MLM plans according to the client’s requirement and also check free MLM software demo.

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