Team Beachbody Review – Is this Another MLM Weight loss Scam?

Pavanan Ghosh

All of us would like to have a “beach body”. This is why the health and fitness industry is absolutely booming today. But this is nothing new. The dream of a toned muscular body has been selling like hotcakes since the 1960s. An appealing weight-loss diet or an attractive exercise product plus world-class marketing, has been a fool-proof recipe for commercial success ever since. One of the most popular names in the health and fitness industry today is Beachbody. Chances are, you have seen their commercials or at least heard about them.

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Their wide range of products includes Team Beachbody, Beachbody on Demand, various nutrition programs, supplements, and workout accessories. The MLM segment of the Beachbody domain is known as Team Beachbody. In this Team Beachbody review , we will have a look at what is Team Beachbody, the Beachbody MLM Compensation Plan, the pros and cons of joining Team Beachbody, Is Beachbody fitness is a pyramid scheme? And our final verdict on Team Beachbody.

What is Team Beachbody?

Company Name: Team Beachbody
Type: Private
Industry: Multi-Level Marketing
Founded: 1998
Founders: Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon
Headquarters : Santa Monica, California
Products: Nutritional Supplements, Athletic gear, Workouts
Website :

Team Beachbody is the MLM counterpart of the Beachbody health and fitness range. Beachbody was established in 1998 by Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon. They started out with an ab workout video sold through infomercials. Today it is a fitness empire headquartered in Santa Monica, California. Team Beachbody has over 450,000 distributors known as “Beachbody Coaches”. The distributors are called “Coaches” to suit the whole fitness theme. And this ever-expanding unit of fitness fanatics has turned out into an impressive sales force. In 2014, income through Beachbody Coaches excelled that of the original Beachbody sales. This indicated a major transformation in the organization’s business model. They were now becoming a proper MLM company. Even though Beachbody has professional, attractive, infomercials and advertisements, the company has gained even bigger benefits through its network marketing model.

Team Beachbody Products

beachbody products

Beachbody has a plethora of workouts, supplements, and athletic gear. We have listed out some of the most popular ones here.


* 80-Day Obsession
* P90X
* Hip-Hop Abs
* Country Heat
* 3 Week Yoga Retreat
* Clean Week
* Shift Shop
* Brazil Butt Lift
* Turbo Jam
* 21 Day Fix

Nutritional Supplements

* Shakeology
* 3-Day Refresh
* Beachbody Ultimate Reset
* Beachbody Performance Line
* ActiVit Daily Nutritional Advantage
* Beachbody Ultimate Performance Stack
* Daily Sunshine
* Plus tons more

Athletic Gear

* 3 Week Yoga Retreat Yoga Mats
* Shakeology Shaker Cups
* P90X Chin-Up Bar
* Tony Horton’s Power Stands
* Beachbody Jump Mat

Shakeology is the company’s most popular product. It is a supplement drink that contains many superfood ingredients to assist you to drop weight, lessen cravings, promote immunity, and decrease stress.

As far as other products go, any workout is only effective if the user puts the work in. And diets can only be successful if the user religiously sticks to them. This makes it difficult for us to put a verdict on the effectiveness of these programs. But we haven’t found many genuine negative reviews regarding Beachbody’s products. Their products seem to be legitimate.

Team Beachbody MLM Compensation Plan

Team Beachbody practices a binary MLM plan. A member has to enlist people down two downlines to earn commissions. This is similar to many popular MLM plans. Here, commissions are based on Balance Volume Points (BV Points). The two downlines are considered strong legs and weak legs. To earn significant commissions, both legs need to be contributing. For example, You must gain at least 200 from the “strong leg” and 100 points from the “weak leg”. Once the total of 300 balanced volume points is earned, that counts as a “cycle” and you make a commission reward of $14-$18, according to your rank.

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Pros of joining Team Beachbody

Beachbody is a widely accepted health & fitness business that has been around the MLM business for more than two decades.
The health and fitness market is flourishing as more and more people embrace healthier lifestyles.
Beachbody products are well received by the general public and work efficiently when used properly.
Team Beachbody’s “Challenge Groups” are an extremely useful way to reassure new members to stick to the path and accomplish their fitness goals.
Beachbody is a household name today due to their commercials and workouts with recognizable names and celebrity trainers.
The company proposes lucrative rewards and bonuses to coaches who establish a robust network of distributors.

Cons of joining Team Beachbody

An average Team Beachbody Coach will move away from the business within 2 years, similar to most MLMs.
There is an initial investment of $39.95 to commence the business, and then a continuous monthly fee of $15.95 to remain a coach.
You have to do business of a minimum of 50 PV points worth of goods monthly to sustain your “Active Status” which passes you for company rewards.
TBB’s compensation plan utilizes a binary structure. So both of your downline legs would need to be contributing for you to get paid.
Similar to most MLMs, Team Beachbody has a pretty big dropout rate and less than 50% of enrolled Coaches stay long enough to earn rewards or commissions.

Is Team Beachbody a pyramid scheme?

Team Beachbody is not a pyramid scheme. It does involve recruiting people underneath you, but that is just like any network marketing company. Pyramid schemes are characterized by the lack of any genuine products and members’ only source of revenue would be from recruiting. But Team Beachbody has a wide range of legitimate products and members can easily earn income from product sales itself.

Final Verdict

You may be wondering if you can actually make money with Team Beachbody? The answer is yes! You can earn a 25% commission on the sale of Beachbody products in retail. On enlisting people to enter a Challenge Group, you’ll receive a 36% commission per Challenge Pack. There are also plenty of performance bonuses that can expand your monthly commissions.

In this Team Beachbody Review we have covered what is Team Beachbody, the Beachbody MLM Compensation Plan, the pros and cons of joining Team Beachbody, Is Beachbody fitness a pyramid scheme? And our final verdict on Team Beachbody. Consider all of these factors before deciding on joining Team Beachbody.

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