Top 23 Must-Know Trends in Direct Selling for 2024

Pavanan Ghosh

Direct selling is one of the most popular business models out there. It has been successfully implemented all over the world for more than a century, and the future prospects also look bright for the industry. The direct selling industry has always been on top of the latest trends. And that is one of the reasons why the business model has been so successful. There are many components to the industry that decide its functioning. Let’s have a look at some of the latest trends in the direct selling industry and the technology, recruitment, and sales trends in direct selling.

direct selling industry trends

#1. Virtual Shopping

Yes, shopping is always going to be a requirement but the venue is starting to change with time. The average person has two choices to make when it is time to go shopping. It is either in-store shopping or online shopping depending on how they want to go about spending their money. Direct selling is all about presenting shoppers with a valid option for both scenarios and letting them choose what works best.

#2. Income

Direct selling continues to be one of the biggest movers in the world when it comes to economic impact. Studies show there are millions of people involved in this type of industry. In general, the idea is to have a series of distributors involved in the process, which leads to multiple income streams. However, most distributors are still trusting direct selling as their primary income source.

A lot of professionals are going through a retirement phase when it comes to getting involved in this type of business. This is a common trend that is being noticed as more and more people are venturing down this path at a younger age. In some cases, students are willing to join the industry while studying on the side.

#3. Using the Internet for Communicating

The Internet has become a strong tool for those who want to socialise and connect with others around them. This has led to a globalised setup that is spread from one end of the planet to the other without having to build an extensive budget. The goal is to leverage the online world as a way to engage with customers and convert them into sales.

#4. Attracting Investors

This is a trend that is aiming to look at what investors are seeing when it comes to network marketing businesses. They are starting to see it as a great way to generate amazing returns while building a strong business from the ground up.

The charm of direct selling is seen through balancing the playing field and letting everyone get involved including beginner entrepreneurs. There is potential for amazing returns and that is what crowdfunding events are bringing to the forefront.

#5. Becoming Self-Employed

Distributors can easily enter the self-employed status in this industry and that is a common trend being seen across the board. Approximately, 7.6 million people in America are pursuing this as a way to become self-employed while 1.4 million have already moved forward with this as a full-time career.

As more and more opportunities open up, becoming a self-employed professional is a no-brainer. This is a trending way of making money and it has a customised charm to it.

#6. Use of Mobile Devices

Loads of people are using mobile devices when it comes to shopping and it is becoming commonplace to see these devices around you. As a result, mobile devices have become a great way to communicate with others or use key platforms including social media channels, software trackers, and more.

These trends are a great way to learn more about the direct selling industry and how things are developing. With these trends in mind, it will become easier to build a stronger business.

#7. Unique Compensation Plans

The marketing world is not where it used to be. The direct selling industry is using a unique compensation plan when it comes to generating results and inviting success. This includes customised plans that welcome more sales and maximise in-house marketing resources.

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It is about leveraging those techniques and offering additional incentives such as commissions and/or bonuses.

With more and more ways for accumulating data, it has become easier than ever before to develop predictive models to see what works or doesn’t work. This is something that is going to generate consistent growth in the direct selling industry.

#8. Increase in the Number of Entrepreneurs

A considerable number of entrepreneurs have entered the industry. Millennials and Gen X entrepreneurs are becoming a common sight as they look to build viable brands. These professionals are coming in with experience and empowering the direct selling industry rapidly.

#9. Omnichannel Shopping Experience

Omni channel approach is the best way to exist in network marketing business, Omnichannel shopping providing users with a shopping experience that takes in the totality of an individual’s interests, experiences, Based on customer experience , is the best way to-user experience and increase brand loyalty and sales.

#10. Impact of E-commerce

Ecommerce plays a major role in business. Ecommerce business opportunities to get the best based on our interest images product demonstrations for different products and try-before-you buy offers for apparels and cosmetics, dresses through new technologies AI-powered AR- and VR-assisted platforms negates the need for large physical inventory letting customers try hundreds of products demos until they find the right one that meets their demands.

Technology trends in Direct selling

Technology has always been an important part of the direct selling business. Direct sellers all over the world have leveraged the latest technologies to take their business to the next level. We are living in an era of rapid technological progress and the industry is keeping up with all the latest developments. Technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, smart contracts, cloud computing, business analytics, etc have found their way into the direct selling business. Let’s see how these technologies are impacting the direct selling business.

direct selling industry trends

#11. AI

Artificial intelligence is a technology that will change the way we live our day-to-day lives including how direct selling business is performed. It has the potential to transform almost every aspect of the industry. AI can be used in the direct selling business to predict future actions, recommend products, conduct sentiment analysis, organize data and products, chatbots, and much more. Read more about how AI is changing the direct selling business here.

#12. Blockchain

Blockchain is another promising technology that has the potential to transform the direct selling industry. The major characteristics of blockchain technology, decentralization, and trust make it attractive to the direct selling business. Blockchain will help the sector with the absence of third-party control over funds, transparency, accountability, and decentralization.

#13. Smart contracts

Smart contracts are an application of blockchain technology that can have a huge impact on the direct selling industry. These can eliminate the need for members to trust and depend on others to complete activities and payments. Smart contracts can provide increased data security, high reliability, automation, increased accuracy, better transaction speeds, improved transparency, and much more in the direct selling business.

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#14. Cloud computing

Cloud computing has already found its applications in the direct selling business with cloud-based direct selling software. There are many benefits to integrating cloud technology into the direct selling business. The ease of storage and access to data can be increased and the cost involved can be decreased. Several services such as mailing, CRM, app hosting, etc can be hosted in the software using cloud technology. The whole workflow in the network can be managed more effectively.

#15. Business intelligence

The direct selling industry is taking a data-driven approach today and business intelligence tools are leading this trend. They are used to analyze all the data and make intelligent business decisions. Although informed decision making is one of the key benefits of using business intelligence tools, they are not the only ones. Organizing business data, managing goals, unearthing new trends, proactivity, etc are some of the other benefits.

Recruitment Trends in Direct selling

Recruitment is perhaps the best way to earn passive income from the direct selling business. The pandemic has forced many people out of their jobs and many are looking for alternate ways of income in this period of uncertainty. The trends in direct selling recruitment have changed massively over the last couple of years. Let’s have a look at the latest recruitment trends in direct selling.

direct selling industry trends

#16. Virtual Recruitment

The recruitment process has gone massively virtual recently. Face-to-face meetings have been replaced by video conferences and many more conversations have been done via phone calls. With most people working from home over extended periods, recruitment also goes with that trend. Virtual recruitment has been largely successful in terms of the direct selling industry. This trend could also continue well after the pandemic concerns are over.

#17. Diversity

Direct selling has become a truly global business today and your network will have different types of people from different corners of the world. People of different cultures, races, ethnicities, genders, etc should all feel welcome in your network. It is necessary to cultivate a welcoming environment for everyone to feel safe and comfortable. Having a diverse network of members can also amplify the growth of your business.

#18. The younger generation

In the last couple of years, millennials have entered the direct selling industry en masse. The recruitment methods deployed previously may not appeal massively to the new generation. As they will soon become the largest generation in the direct selling business, recruiters will have to adjust their ways.

#19. Focus on soft skills

There can be many opinions on what the best skills required for network marketing are. Soft skills like leadership, communication, teamwork, problem-solving, etc will always be on top of that list. Recruiters today will pay more focus to such skills while looking for new additions to their direct selling network.

Sales Trends in Direct Selling

Product sales will always be the backbone of the direct selling industry. So companies are always on the lookout for the latest sales trends in the direct selling business to stay on top. The whole pandemic situation has changed the way sales operations are conducted in every industry. Direct selling is no different, and massive changes in sales strategies could also be seen here. Let’s have a look at the sales trends in direct selling.

direct selling industry trends

#20. Personalization

Sellers have slowly but certainly understood that each customer is different and has their own likes and dislikes. It is important that customers are catered to according to their preferences. There are more chances of customers buying if they are presented with products they are interested in. Today many tools are available to assess the preferences of customers.

#21. Automation

Automation is widely being applied in direct selling processes and sales is one of the most important beneficiary sectors. If we take a closer look at the whole sales cycle, there are many processes that can be automated. When such repetitive processes are automated, sellers can focus on more important things that need their undivided attention.

#22. Shorter sales cycle

Due to the increased personalization and introduction of automation elements, the duration of the sales cycle is reduced considerably today. This decrease in time taken from prospecting to sales is an important trend in the modern direct selling industry. Direct sellers can use this time to their advantage and indulge in more activities to improve their business.

#23. Gamification

Gamification is lately considered a sure shot way to make any mundane task interesting. Not implying that sales are in any way mundane or dull, the integration of gamification elements in the sales process has motivated direct sellers. Being forced to work remotely had taken much of the fun away from sales processes, but gamification has brought it right back.


Every field keeps evolving with time. That’s how it was before the before technology took over, and now we grow faster than ever. If you don’t keep yourself up to date and evolve with every change, you will be left far behind the world. As a direct seller, you should know every trend before anyone else and adapt the ones that can give you an edge over competitive markets.

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