Generate MLM Leads with An AutoResponder

Pavanan Ghosh

People are constantly looking for better ways to market their products. it is difficult to reach out to a diverse audience to promote a product or service in MLM business. So you need to generate leads for your MLM business. This is where Lead Capture Pages come in. Integrating Lead Capture Pages with an efficient MLM Software will further boost your MLM business because leads play an important role in attracting new members to your network.

Generate MLM Leads

Efficient leads will have a direct impact on your target sales, and generating leads is not a very difficult task. A lead capture page is where they come and land to know about your business. They contain valuable information so that you can use them later on for your business purposes. You need your own website to create an intriguing lead capture page and you need to follow up with the lead information.

Basically, it will be a list of email addresses of the leads on the lead capture page. The leads will be interested to know about your product or service. How to follow up with leads to maintain the leads of your business? An autoresponder can be used to follow up with them through email. In this article, we will see how to Generate MLM leads with an autoresponder.

What is an Autoresponder?

Autoresponders means sending your responses to your subscribers based on some set criteria. The subscribers will receive the e-newsletters from your mail automatically. For example, you can set some time to respond to your subscribers. If the subscriber newly enters your site, you can send a welcome message. After some days if they visit again you can send the offers of your service or business. Later on, if they frequently visit your site, you can send them invitations to follow your page on social media platforms. This is a general example of following up with leads using an autoresponder.

Why You Should Use AutoResponder?

Autoresponders go in hand with email marketing. Autoresponders can be used in email marketing to make the most of resources and leads for your business. Here all the emails get automated instead of sending the messages manually to the leads. The leads will get to know more about your business and promotions through your automated emails. No manual error will happen while sending the emails because everything is being set based on defined rules. you don’t always need to keep an eye on emails because responses are sent automatically even in your absence. It is an easy way to save your time while concentrating on other important factors of the business, allowing you to earn more income.

How to Generate MLM Leads with An AutoResponder?

Nurture Your  MLM leads With An Auto Response Email

Not many network marketing companies are using autoresponders to follow up with their leads today. Better follow-up will end up in better conversions and better profits. It is not possible for a salesperson to always reach out to all your leads. Following up with autoresponders is an efficient way to communicate with your leads. Once they submit their forms on the lead capture page, you can follow up with the below options to stay connected with them.

#1. Set up a Thank you Page

You need to set up a Thank you page once the leads submit their forms. At the same time, you can directly call to action for your customers to sincerely look into your business. It is an opportunity for you to make them look into your promotions and make them interact with you more to promote your product or service. Any link on your thank you page can redirect them to your blogs and make them interested in your content. Set up your thank you page to be useful for your business and it will uplift your brand. Most of the time you can see the companies set their Thank you page with some acknowledgements similar to “Your form received successfully“. It is advisable to redirect users to another page of your website so that leads will continue to be in contact with your business.

It is advisable to divert them to some link so that the leads will be in contact with your business.

#2.  First Time Follow Up

After filling out the form the leads may forget about your business. So it is always better to do the first follow-up immediately with the leads. The faster you respond to the leads, the more the contact rate you can achieve. Auto Response emails can respond much faster to the forms received. Timing is vital, so set your auto-response to be sent within a few mins to overcome such timing issues.  

#3. Next Time Follow Up

Sending continuous emails to a prospect is not advisable. They may get frustrated with the overload of emails. It is always better to schedule your second follow-up with the leads. You can send the second mail after 3 days to let them know about your latest offers or promotions. The next mail you send should be after a week to portray the transparency of your business.

Infographic Credit : Infinite MLM Blog


Here we have looked at how to generate MLM leads with an autoresponder and how the autoresponder works to maintain a relationship with the lead and when to follow up with leads for effective communication. By following the simple tips we’ve outlined in this blog post, you’ll be on your way to generating more MLM leads and building a successful business. Are you ready to get started?




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