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A Review On Success200!

Pavanan Ghosh
“SUCCESS200 INTERNATIONAL MARKETING CORPORATION” also known as Success200 is an international products marketing and distribution company based on the Philippines. They have their business in various health products. However, the company is not providing any securities for the investments. The marketing and distribution of the products in success200 is carried out using the familiar Multi-Level Marketing strategy known as Board plan or Split Matrix System. This Marketing technique is an innovation in marketing and selling of the products and also providing a chance to earn additional income as commissions by selling and promoting the product. This is a static and verified compensation and promoting technique.

This Compensation is purely based on sales as per the sale is carried out, then the commission is determined and divided into eligible downline members. It also means that if there is no sale either from advertising or trading of the product then no commission will be paid. There is an opportunity to earn income, but there is no guaranteed income.

The company allows the members many platforms to promote the product as per their wish. They are allowed to select various strategies to promote the product like social media campaigns, developing teams to hasten their sales acknowledged by the company, and making sure that no fake statements reckoning the income guarantee on new recruiting are mentioned. Success200 has smartly kept a position that it’s not an investment company and the commissions for their members is strictly based on product purchase of the company, and are strict to the rules and regulations of their own. The members violating the rules will be terminated from the organization with immediate effect. The company is also providing enough time for the new members to get in track with the business by creating sales and thereby achieving commissions.

Success200 Products !

Success200 is mainly concentrated in organic health supplements, the main products of success200 are:-


Agaricus blazei Murill mushroom is a well-known supplement used for tumor, cancer, vitamin effects, anti-viral properties, blood sugar reducing the effect, high blood pressure, cholesterol and arteriosclerosis preventing effects, and as an immune system enhancer.


Guyabano also known as Soursop is a tropical fruit which is used for many health problems  including Cancer, cholesterol, anemia, migraine  and more.

Success200 Compensation Plan!

SUCCESS200 follows a unique way of compensation, it is a marketing program in which a member can join by opening a solo account. Multiple accounts are also allowed here. The only thing the member has to do is to invite 2 people to join him. This method is also known as Board plan. A group of members works in a team board known as board1 and when the board reaches a certain No.of members then the board splits into two sub-trees. The highest member will be released and moved to the next board (Board2). The member buys a compensation that are placed in a reverse 2×3 matrix. Reverse 2×3 matrix feeds an associate who has just enrolled through the bottom of 2×3 matrix. A 2×3 matrix has total 14 positions, 8 along the bottom, 4 in one level up, 2 in the next level and on the position in the top.

Success200 Compensation Working

  • The recruited member have to buy a bottle of a package worth 1,800 php per individual account
  • The recruited member now have to refer 2 persons who will join the company by buying the product
  • Help The downline members to get 2 clients under them
  • Teach the structure to downline members
  • BOARD EXIT takes place when 15 product Package has been sold under the recruiter.

NOTE: The 2 client requirement is applied only for BOARD1 and BOARD2. No such requirements are needed for a higher level.

Tail head:

Success 200 is a wonderful MLM organization with quality products and high returns assured MLM plans. Success 200 is the most suitable MLM company for those who are looking for medicinal MLM business. Anyhow be aware of the MLM plans and select a suitable MLM software for your business. Try out our Free MLM Software Demo.

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