Top MLM Consulting ideas

Top 13 MLM Consulting Ideas

Is MLM Consulting really a good option career-wise? Let us check out.

What, most of the experienced but retired MLM business people do is the process of MLM consulting. It’s really a wonderful option to make extra money if you are really skilled and have adequate knowledge to be one! It can also be done along with your MLM distributor job. You can really work with the various leading MLM giants as a consultant.

Also, a lot of new startup network marketing companies would be definitely consulting really good MLM consultants or MLM coaches for their company to prosper. Moreover, many distributors will be hiring successful distributors to provide MLM coaching services for them. They will be usually paid at a fixed rate or on the basis of time.

If you are really good at blogging, you could help the MLM distributors with your blogging skills. Create a blog for them and start writing some really good blogs for the network marketing companies.

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Now let’s delve into some of the possible MLM consulting ideas for the network marketing business people out there.

Top 10 MLM Consulting Ideas – MLM Business Opportunities

#1. Educate people how to build an MLM website

You can inform the newcomers to the MLM field on the importance of custom application development in the network marketing business. Also making them aware of the importance of mobile application development is also recommended. You can also help them with the hosting and domains of their website and charge a fee for providing these services.

#2. Help people to attract more traffic online

When your MLM business opportunity reaches out to more people, the chances of getting more business are high. Building a brand for your business online is very much essential for the especially newcomers. And hence you could help them if you are really good at generating more leads! And of course you will be paid well.

#3. Inform the distributors on how to advertise in the newspapers

You can teach the distributors on how to write a good classified ad for their business promotion and publish it in the newspaper ads. Or else, you can help them in writing catchy and attractive ads. And get paid for your services.

#4. Educate the distributors on the importance of creating marketing funnels

As an MLM coach, you can teach the persons who consult you, on the ways to create marketing funnels. And also, things like using the necessary technologies like autoresponders and such other things.

#5. Teach the Distributors on How to Create an Ecosystem for Yourself

Creating a set of guidelines to be followed for the successful running of your business. And you can sell the ideas to be executed to other network marketers for a certain fee. Even you can develop a small course on creating a small but firm ecosystem of your own.

#6. Provide Special Sessions for the Struggling Distributors

An MLM Coach can provide special sessions for the distributors who are lagging behind in the MLM business. Analyze the faults happened in their MLM business and provide them the necessary advice and help so that they can make it really big from the business.

#7. Content Writing Services

If you have the skills to write really good articles and blogs, then you could even be a ghostwriter and help the MLM distributors in the business to develop content for them.

#8. Educate the Distributors on How to Market Both Offline and Online

You can help the distributors on methods to be followed while marketing the products and services they present in front of the customers in the right and perfect way. You can also create a marketing course or provide some good coaching services which help the distributors to build their business.

#9. Help MLM firms to Create the Best Compensation Plans

As an MLM Consultant, you can help out the fairly new network marketing companies out there (or even the leading ones if you are a really good consultant) to develop really attractive MLM compensation plans for the Network marketing executives.

#10. Work in Tandem with the Top Distributors to Build Training Systems for their Downline

You can help out the top level distributors to create a structured and well format training programs to train their downline.

#11. Educate People About the Realities of MLM

The network marketing business can look all glamorous and effortless on the outside, but it is not as easy as it looks. Being successful in MLM requires a lot of hard work, dedication, perseverance, and effort. And sadly not everyone can make it. It is important that members understand this before getting started on their network marketing journey.

#12. Teach Distributors to Identify Target Markets

Not everyone is suited for MLM business. Distributors have to keep this in mind before trying to recruit new members to their MLM network. So it is important that you teach distributors how to identify their target markets. They can experience greater success by identifying their target market and focusing their marketing efforts on them.

#13. Help Members Use the Full Potential of MLM Software

Most MLM companies today deploy competent MLM software for their operations. According to MLM software price, there could be plenty of features in the software. It is important to educate members about all the features in the software and teach them how to use it properly to their advantage.



MLM Consulting ideas_ InfographicsInfographic Credit : Infinite MLM Blog


On a concluding note, MLM consulting is a great way to make some extra income, and even it can be built as a full-fledged career. And the exciting part is that anyone who is passionate about this field can become an MLM consultant. It would be really good if you have some experience in the same sector so that you can provide the necessary guidelines whenever required.

Also, select an area which you are really good at!

You can get started from the above-mentioned top MLM consulting ideas and even can select a totally different stream if you find something creative comes into your mind.

Do comment in the comment section below if you have more innovative ideas to include in the list.










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