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Generate Leads With Self Replicating Websites

Pavanan Ghosh

In MLM business, leads have their own importance to promote the products or service but sometimes generating leads is not an easy task. You can rely on self-replicated websites.

The potential of self-replicated websites will extend the opportunity to generate leads. These self-replicated websites will be provided to the affiliates of your business and it is considered as a landing page to all the affiliates to know more about the products and service of the business.

Here each affiliate will be provided a link to land on the self-replica of the original website which helps in generating more leads by capturing the information of the leads for your business.

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Hope you all know lead capture page. It is a landing page on your website for the customers to view the product information and the offers you provide. The same page can be duplicated with your self-replicating website.

 It results in multiple leads capturing page and can definitely generate more number of leads using the self-replicating website. Similarly, we can see the reasons to use this self-replicating website.  

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In this article, we will see the reasons to generate your leads with self-replicated websites.

Top Reasons To Generate Leads With Self Replicated Websites

#1. Easy to use the Predesigned website

  • The self-replicated website is very easy to use and it is predesigned and provided to the affiliates of the business. 
  • It is a time-consuming process to train the affiliates each time, instead of doing that each time you can provide the unique link to the affiliates which links to the self-replica of the original website.
  • It helps them to have their own website and they can get started with recruiting the affiliates and selling the products.
  • These affiliates turn out to MLM Leads and they, in turn, start coaching others and you can generate leads for your business by saving your precious time.

#2. Information is available-24/7

  • People are using the internet sometimes to surf and sometimes to buy products online.
  • They use 24/7 to research about the product and the service of your business.
  • This is the reason sometimes the advertisements regarding the products are aired even during the wee hours of the day.
  • You can expect the customers those who are interested in your product or service may look into the advertisements during the wee hours of the day.
  • The self-replicated websites will allow the customers to land on the page and provide their information and during the wee hours, the whole process is automated without any human interaction. 

#3.  Autoresponder to automate the follow-up

  • As I already discussed generating leads is not an easy task.  We can consider this scenario as similar to pouring the liquid into the small wide open funnel.
  • It is simply not easy that completely it will fall into the funnel some may spill over, it is similar to some customers only view the page and sale will not happen.
  • Liquid falling into the funnel is similar to the scenario of happening the sale through the website.
  • Self-replicated websites will use the autoresponder to send emails to potential prospects. Potential prospects are the leads to your business. 

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  • Thus the autoresponder in self-replicated websites will help you to generate leads.
  • Sending the welcome message to the customers, Thank you message to fill the personal information in the form provided, sending the required follow up to be in contact with the leads is done through the autoresponder in the self-replicating website. 

#4. Multiple tools at a single place

  • Making use of multiple tools at one single place will definitely help you to improve your business.
  • Self-replicated websites offer these multiple features in order to generate leads easily.
  • The multiple features are like an autoresponder, lead capture page, online calendar, list of tasks, customized web forms, capturing information of leads, integrating with social media platforms, Apps for Android and iPhones, etc will help you to generate leads with this self-replicated website features and tools to promote your MLM business.
  • Each time the affiliate uses the self replicating website, the affiliate can make use of the multiple tools at his own website. This will increase the traffic to your original website as it is duplicated and used by all the affiliates.

#5. Maintains uniform outlook

  • Be it any Marketing whether Direct Sales or MLM you need to provide an outstanding look for your website.
  • So following a brand or logo should be considered. With a self- replicated website it maintains the uniformity of the original website with the colour and the logo.
  • It allows all the affiliates to use their own websites by maintaining the uniformity and you will be successful in creating your own brand for your business with the colour and logo spread all over the globe by the affiliates or the visitors of the website.
  • Since it is a self replicating website of the original website it is viewed by a huge number of people and thus the brand is created successfully.
  • Once the brand is created you can attract more potential leads to your websites. 

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Hope in this article, you will find the top reasons to generate the leads with self-replicating websites. The features, tools and the easy use of self-replicating websites will surely help to generate a huge number of leads for your business. It will definitely allow you to concentrate on your business with your precious time and an easy way to promote with these leads.

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