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Build Your WordPress MLM Replicated Website With The Leader in MLM

Pavanan Ghosh

How your online business will reach your customers? Yes, you all know that it is via the business website created to interact with the customers. Even network marketing is not  exempted from this method of reaching their potential customers.

A successful MLM business can be accomplished with the customized features of the MLM website created for the MLM business. 

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How to have easy customization features on your website? You can develop the website with the most popular open source content management system and no doubt it is WordPress.

WordPress websites are used by many entrepreneurs to easily accomplish customization.  In the MLM business, these WordPress websites are used since it is involved with so many affiliates preferring their own customization needs.

Each affiliate needs its own website which is a replica of the main website. Here comes the method of self-replicating and in this article, we will see that a good website replicator will help you to develop WordPress MLM replicated website.

Build Your WordPress MLM Replicated Website With The Leader In MLM

Infinite MLM software is a leading MLM software developed by the skilled developers of the Infinite Open Source Solutions LLP.  It offers exclusive and affordable service to build your WordPress MLM replicated websites.

Looking for a credible WordPress replicating site builder? Definitely, Infinite MLM software provides you self replication add a feature.

We will see what is exactly self-replication?

Self-replication is a method to replicate the main website of the MLM company. It is mainly used for the affiliate program offered by the MLM organization. 

In an affiliate program, when any distributor refers downline or any new affiliate to the system, the affiliate will be able to get access to the replica of the main website through the Unique URL link provided to each affiliate.

Each time the website looks unique to each new affiliates joining the program. This is self-replication of the main website. 

Each affiliate prefers its own customization features for their self replicated website. It is always recommended to build your main website with WordPress to implement the easy customization features for the self replicated website. 

Infinite MLM Software provides the add on feature “self-replication”  to manage the content of WordPress MLM replicated website provided to each affiliate. 

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The access will be provided to this personalized website to update the content, upload photos, add more videos, promotions, testimonials. Admin of the software can set the privileges to the self replicated websites so that certain access can be restricted to the affiliates. This option will be more open to adding the personal information of the affiliates in the self replicated website. 

Easily Generate Leads For Your WordPress MLM Replicated Website With Infinite MLM software

The landing page is the lead capture page where the affiliates will be able to generate leads using the self replicated websites.With unique content for the self replicated websites, the affiliates will be able to attract more leads to the MLM business. 

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Once the leads land on the page they will be asked to provide the basic information like email id so that autoresponders can be used with the self replicated websites to communicate immediately with the leads and it will acknowledge for providing the information.

How Self replicating websites work?

When the affiliates or distributors make a sale to their contacts through personal call or email. The same cannot be tracked by the consumers or the MLM owners. They may not have the confidence in the distributors whether they make the purchase to the right people.

The tracking becomes easy for the MLM owners who can view all the replicated websites and this becomes professional to accomplish the MLM business through affiliates, the replicated

SEO Friendly URL For The Self-Replicating Website

Infinite MLM software provides SEO friendly URL link to each replicated website. Search engine optimization is the process or method to improve the visibility of the websites by ranking the replicated website on the top when the leads search for the replicated websites. Choose our platform to build the right SEO friendly replicating website and also to integrate the social media channels.

Why WordPress Replicated Websites Are Recommended?

These WordPress websites are built on PHP and it consists of many themes and plugins to be interfaced in the website. When each affiliate wants to change any theme or add any plugin feature to his replicated website, then it is very easy to update the changes within the replicated website rather changing in the HTML code of the website. 

When to go with WordPress self replicated websites?

When more and more affiliates are added to your affiliate program. Say, for example, if 3000 affiliates are added to the affiliate program, then it is highly impossible to develop customized websites for all 3000 affiliates.

So you can choose the Infinite MLM software to build your WordPress replicated website to make the  customization part simple for each unique replicated website.


Hope in this article, you will be able to find the support and services provided by the MLM leader- Infinite MLM software to build your WordPress replicated website. Generating leads with each replicated website will increase the product sales of your MLM business and successfully you will be able to accomplish the affiliate program of your MLM business.

With the help of Infinite MLM software, many other features can be integrated into your self replicated websites to improve the overall productivity of your MLM business.

Stay connected with this leader in MLM software to stay profitable in your MLM business!





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