A Review on Qnet

This article is about the review of Asia’s top direct selling company Qnet. Qnet is providing some of the best offers in the direct selling market let us take a look about history, services and more about Qnet, A Review On Qnet


About QNET

Qnet is also known as Questnet,Goldquest or Qi limited is a Hong Kong based direct selling company established in the year 1998 by Dato Vijay Eswaran. The company is owned by QL group in Hong Kong. In start up Qnet was known as Goldquest , in the beginning period Qnet was focused on small commision business but now they are one of the largest direct selling companies around the globe. Qnet have a large category in direct selling products. Most of their products are crafted in a professional  manner ensuring a better chance of output.

Vijay eswaran is a graduate from london school of Economics after his graduation he stayed in Europe gone several red collar jobs.He was introduced to MLM in UK. In his initial period in MLM he was working in contract basis for some  companies but now he is a  mentor and guide many MLM companies and persons he is skilled MLM entrepreneur now

Qnet’s policy on helping customers to get more benefits

Q net’s marketing strategy follows a multi-level promoting model, looking on freelance representatives to refer its merchandise to shoppers and receive compensation supported on the sales volume of their referrals and also the sales volume of alternative freelance representatives in their groups who are organized in a very binary fashion.They provide services through e commerce around the globe more than 100 countries.

The diversity of the QNET product range offers QNET’s Retail Customers a variety of enticing manner merchandise to reinforce their life. At a similar time, this diversity permits distributors the very distinctive potential to tailor their own product combine to fulfill the requirements of their market and organisation. They are working with top researchers, scientists, product developer, goods suppliers and marketing experts.The company sells a variety of products including Home Care, Luxury and Collectibles, Fashion Accessories Energy, Weight Management, Nutrition & Personal Care

Grow with  Qnet

Starting a business with Qnet will help you taste success  in your professional life.Their vision and mission are so futuristic so that any affiliate with Qnet have a chance to have growth in their life. Qnets vision is to be the global leader in ecommerce with direct selling industry and to be a positive influencer within the development of property and skilled network promoting communities around the world.Their mission is to contribute to the worldwide community through the daily application of their own strategy called  RYTHM – Raise Yourself to help humans. They have an interest in trying this by helping people to achieve their goals in life and lead a better life with a combination of an entrepreneurial business chance their products.

 Qnets Compensation Plan

Because of the universal exploitation of Qnet they started to provide dynamic and innovative compensation plans in the global direct selling market. With eight ways in which to earn and up to 500th of the sales paid out in commissions, QNET is a powerfully bountied, unlimited opportunity! The recent enhancements to the QNET Compensation plan has resulted in higher most weekly payouts, the chance to earn higher commissions per step, and a lot of support and rewards for repeat and retail sales!

Eight Ways To Earn

Q1 Retail profit

Q2 Repeat Sales Promotion

Q3 Early Payout

Q4 First Purchase Profit

Q5 Step Commision

Q6 Rank Advancement Bonus

Q7 Year-Round Rewards

Q8 Travel Incentives

 Qnet’s step commission utilises a balanced binary organize, if a distributor sponsors over a pair of distributors, the excess unit placed at levels below the sponsoring distributors front-line. each product offerd by QNET presently incorporates a particular business volume. To receive weekly commissions, distributors and their teams unit required to accumulate a minimum of 3000 BV’s, and searching on rank may vary receive $200 to $300 /week

Qnet is an effective and it gives great opportunities to those who stepping to the direct selling market. Qnet is the perfect option for those who wanna start with direct selling and a good platform for those who wanna make their career graph higher

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