Rodan and fields MLM Company Review

Rodan and Fields MLM Review – Is It Scam or Legitimate?

Pavanan Ghosh

In this writing, we will look into the complete review of Rodan and Fields MLM Company .

Rodan and Fields MLM Company- A Short Summary

Industry MLM Company
Founded Year 2007
CEO: Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields
Industry type: Network Marketing or Multi-level Marketing company
Headquarters San Francisco, U.S., California

Rodan and Fields MLM Company Review – Is Rodan and Fields Pyramid Scheme?

Rodan and Fields: Summary

This company is a combination of dermatologists named Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields. They founded proactive solutions for acne treatment and developed a San Francisco-based MLM company in 1995. They developed their brand cosmetics and launched in 2002.

Though it is promoted by the cosmetic giant Estee Lauder, the Rodan +fields brand was not able to make a commercial success. The two dermatologists held back their company from Estee Lauder to develop it as an MLM company in 2007. The company possessed around 287,000 consultants in 2016 along with its growing network marketing business.

Rodan+fields: What They Do?

They are mainly into the production of skincare products. As per the internet reviews, they are of high quality. Since qualified dermatologists developed this company from a well-recognized Stanford university, they were known for their brand and high quality.

In 2014, the demand for cosmetics was around $460 billion globally and it is estimated that it would be around $675 billion by 2020. It gives us hope that there will be an inclined growth of this cosmetic-based network marketing company.

How to make money with Rodan + fields – (Rodan and fields compensation plan)

As per the website of Rodan and fields, they provide high business opportunities and financial freedom. With their compensation plan, it is understood that it is not easy to make money with Rodan and fields.


Below are the following ways to make money with this MLM company:

  • Retail profit

The distributors of Rodan and fields can earn retail profit by selling their products to the customers. The distributors can distribute the products online, or in person, or customers can make use of the distributor’s web link to purchase the product.

The distributors can earn around 33% commission from a sale and around 16% commission if the customer prefers to receive the monthly supply of Rodan and Field’s product.

  • Commissions for the consultants

The consultants need to make 100 QV (qualifying volume) with the product sale of Rodan and fields. It is also known as Commission volume, or Sales volume, or Personally sponsored QV. However, the 100 QV volume remains the same for qualifying the commission.

The consultants and their team need to buy the products to attain such QV. This point system is used by all the MLM companies to standardize their qualifying quota globally.

The distributors or consultants need to be active in the network system to attain this QV. Every month they need to sell the product worth 100 points from their consultant account.
The active distributor can earn around 10% commission on the product purchase of their L1 consultants or customers.

L1 is referred to as the first level of referrals of the particular distributor. This may include any downline consultant or the customer of Rodan and fields.

  • Team Commissions

To be eligible for team commissions, the distributor needs to qualify as an Executive consultant, and their team should generate around 600 PSQV (Personally Sponsored Qualifying Volume).

The executive consultant will earn around 5% commission as a team commission. The retail sales made by their recruited team will make the executive consultant earn, and it is referred to as L2 point.

  • Performance Bonus

This is an additional incentive from Rodan and fields. A distributor may receive their performance bonus at any point in time. It ranges from a small cash bonus to a car incentive or any other noncash incentive rewards.

  • Generation Commissions

After the consultant reaches the executive consultant level and if one the downlines reach the same level, then the consultant is eligible for a 5% commission on the first generation of their downline.

When 8 downlines reach the executive consultant level, then the consultant will look at level 5 executive consultant rank. At level 5, the consultant will be able to earn a 5% commission from 5 generations of their downline.

The earning potential is not limited to this generation. The consultant will be able to qualify RFX executive consultant and will be able to 2.5% commission from the 6th generation of their downlines. For this rank and commission, they need 15 executive consultants in their team and 5 out of 15 should be able to reach level 5 executive consultant position.

Do the consultants make money with Rodan and fields?

Rodan and Fields Company review consultants

To know whether the consultants are earning properly, you can look into the income disclosure statement of Rodan and fields. The statement begins with network marketing and then the goals like life-changing opportunities. It supports all people irrespective of their sex, age, or background.

This statement shows the retail profit margin that can be earned by the consultants. When the customers order their product online, the retail profit is credited to the respective consultant.

Around 286,709 consultants joined in Rodan and fields during 2016, and around 56.28% of consultants i.e., 161,361, earned the commission, and the remaining consultants could not earn the commission.

Consultants need to put their utmost efforts to earn the commission by promoting the products and building their team network. they sometimes need to spend from their own pockets to reach the $100 worth of product sales.

Only a few consultants i.e around 0.6% earned an income of around $50,000. It means around 99.4%did not earn a full-time income from Rodan and fields.
This shows that hardly a very few consultants are earning a full-time income with Rodan and fields.

Rodan and Fields Allegations and Lawsuits

Rodan is currently facing a class-action lawsuit over their eyelash serum. The lawsuit alleges that Rodan employed:

“…deceptive and unlawful marketing of its Enhancements Lash Boost (“Lash Boost”) eye serum. Rodan + Fields failed to disclose the harmful effects linked to an ingredient in their Lash Boost product.”

The principal ingredient at the basis of this lawsuit was isopropyl cloprostenate that caused side effects such as producing iris cysts and swelling of the eyes, activation of herpes and fat cells’ ranking which causes eye droop and an increase in the visibility of blood cells and darkening of the eyelids and increased eyelid pigmentation, along with excessive discomfort in the eyes or tear. The FDA had issued an earlier warning about this chemical that it was unsafe to use except with an authorized practitioner for treating the condition of glaucoma. The class-action lawsuit seeks five million dollars in compensation due to the introduction of this product and for the inability to make public its existence.

In other legal cases, one of their lawyers was arrested when she was videotaped assaulting a black teenager and making racist comments before assaulting police officers.

Rodan and Fields Products

Rodan and fields Products

What are the most popular Rodan + Fields Products?

Rodan + Fields sells individual products, and also kits for skincare.Its Redefine Regimen kit retails for $199. It is designed to enhance the appearance of pores and fine lines and aid in getting healthier, more firm-looking skin. It includes a daily cleanser as well as a pore-reducing toner. daily moisturizer, with broad-spectrum SPF 30, and night cream.

Reverse treatments are designed to treat skin discoloration by improving the appearance of skin and diminishing dark spots. The kit starts at $190 and comes with five products including a Deep Exfoliating Wash containing alpha-hydroxy acid to eliminate the dead cells of your skin; and an intense brightening toner that contains a combination of salicylic acid and kojic acid, licorice, and Mulberry extract. It also comes with a Dual Active Brightening Complex that is awash in vitamin C and Retinol. A broad-spectrum SPF50+ sunblock guards the face against sun-induced damage.

One of the most talked-about products is Enhancements Lash Boost. It retails at $150. It resembles an eyelash mascara tube, however, it contains the serum to be applied to the upper lashes as well as eyebrows to create the appearance of thick long-lasting lashes, as well as eyebrows that are fuller.

Why are the Products of Rodan and fields Expensive?

Rodan and fields expensive

When the consultant buys a product at a certain price, the price includes 8 levels of commission. It means 42.5% of what the consultant is spending to buy a product will go as commission to the uplines and the remaining percentage will go for the production cost of Rodan and Field products.

It shows that the products are expensive for the consultants to earn passive income from this network marketing.

Is Rodan and Fields a pyramid scheme?

To decide whether it is an illegal pyramid scheme solely depends upon the definition of it.
The definition of an illegal pyramid scheme is to only make money by simply sponsoring the downlines and building the network and it will not focus to promote the products.

Like other MLM giants, Rodan and fields is also a legitimate MLM company. Since it is focussing on promoting its skincare products, it is not an illegal pyramid scheme.
It is evident from their compensation plan they promise compensation only for promoting the products and not for simply sponsoring the downlines into the network.

As per the Federal Trade Commission, they have the guideline set to follow the MLM business and we can say that it is not an illegal scheme.

In the list of 200 richest earners in Network Marketing Business, famous Network Marketer- Sarah Robbins is into Rodan + fields business, so we can say that its a legal business opportunity.

Joining Rodan and Fields is Recommended?

It is recommended that before joining the company, you can try to be a retail customer. When compared with the competitors of Rodan and fields, you will be able to find that the products of Rodan and fields are not that expensive. So you may join this MLM company for receiving high-quality branded products.

As we have already discussed that only a very earn passive income from this MLM business, you may not be interested in spending more as a consultant to attain the MLM business profit.

If someone is interested in receiving some full-price products, then they may consider joining Rodan and fields. Rodan + Fields got listed in the Top 100 MLM Companies across the globe

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Is Rodan and fields worth it?

I hope in this article; you will be able to view the complete Rodan fields MLM review. From the above Rodan fields MLM review, we can conclude that it is not easy to make money with Rodan and Fields, and still, there’s a chance if you are ready to spend in the beginning to build the network.
From the compensation plan, you can make out that only members at the top level earn the commission when compared to low-level downlines.

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