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Qnet Reviews – Is Qnet A Genuine Company?

Pavanan Ghosh

QNET is considered as one of the top direct selling companies in Asia. But is Qnet really worth for building your MLM career? The Most questions that people ask regarding this is MLM Business Opportunity – “Is Qnet a Genuine Company?“, “How can we earn from Qnet“, “Is it a legitimate MLM Company or a scam”? Well, we will be finding out in this blog to know in depth about Qnet Reviews. The article will also be discussing about the history of the company, their services, compensation benefits provided to the customers etc.

QNET Reviews : An Overview

Company Name: QNET
Type: Private
Industry: Multi Level Marketing
Founded: 1998
Founders: Vijay Eswaran
Head Quarters : Hong Kong
Products: Consumer Goods, Watches, Health Devices, Education, Personal care & Beauty
Services: Travel, Life style, Education
Website : http://www.qnet.net/

Qnet Reviews- Is it a Scam? (Qnet Direct Selling Company Review )

qnet reviews

Qnet is also known as Questnet,Goldquest or Qi limited is a Hong Kong based direct selling company established in the year 1998 by Vijay Eswaran. The company is owned by QL group in Hong Kong. In start up Qnet was known as Goldquest , in the beginning period Qnet was focused on small commision business but now they are one of the largest direct selling companies around the globe.

Qnet have a large category in direct selling products. Most of their products are crafted in a professional  manner ensuring a better chance of output. Vijay Eswaran is a graduate from the prestigious London School of Economics. After the completion of his graduation degree he stayed in Europe and did various red collar jobs. He became interested in the MLM business while he was staying in the United Kingdom.

He was a normal representative of multiple network marketing companies. But now he is the owner of his own MLM company and also one of the most sought mentor and guide of multinational corporations operating in the MLM format.

Qnet’s Policy On Helping Customers To Get More Benefits

Q net’s marketing strategy follows a multi-level promoting model, looking on freelance representatives to refer its merchandise to shoppers and receive compensation supported on the sales volume of their referrals and also the sales volume of alternative freelance representatives in their groups who are organized in a very binary fashion.They provide services through e commerce around the globe in more than 100 countries.

The diversity of the QNET product range offers QNET’s Retail Customers a variety of enticing manner merchandise to reinforce their life. At the same time, this diversity permits distributors the very distinctive potential to tailor their own product combine to fulfill the requirements of their market and organisation. They are working with top researchers, scientists, product developer, goods suppliers and marketing experts.The company sells a variety of products including Home Care, Luxury and Collectibles, Fashion Accessories Energy, Weight Management, and Nutrition & Personal Care.

Growing with Qnet – Qnet Positive Reviews

Starting a business with Qnet will help you to taste success in your professional life. Their vision and mission are so futuristic so that any affiliate with Qnet have a far  better chance to succeed in their life. Qnets vision is to be the global leader in ecommerce and direct selling industry, so that they can be a positive influence within the development of property and skilled network promoting communities around the world.

Their mission is to contribute to the worldwide community through the daily application of their own strategy called  RYTHM – Raise Yourself To Help Mankind. They motivate and provide an opportunity to the common public to achieve their goals in life and thus to lead a far better life through selling their products.

Qnet MLM Company holds their ranking position in the list of Top 100 MLM Companies 2020

Qnet Direct Selling Company Compensation Plan

Qnet was built through the efforts and hardwork of its independent agents. Hence, they have always tried to provide a fair compensation plan to its staff and other persons employed with them. The compensation plan provided them is considered to be both dynamic and innovative at the same time.

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Qnet allows their executives to earn in eight different ways. They even pay out 500th of the sales as commission. Thus we can tell that QNET is a powerfully bountied, unlimited opportunity! The recent enhancements to the QNET Compensation plan has resulted in higher most weekly payouts, the chance to earn higher commissions per step, and a lot of support and rewards for repeat and retail sales!

Eight Ways To Earn Through Qnet

  • Retail Profit
  • Repeat Sales Promotion
  • Early Payout
  • First Purchase Profit
  • Step Commision
  • Rank Advancement Bonus
  • Year-Round Rewards
  • Travel Incentives

Qnet’s step commission utilises a balanced binary organize, if a distributor sponsors over a pair of distributors, the excess unit will be placed at levels below the sponsoring distributors front-line.

Each product offered by QNET presently incorporates a particular business volume. To receive weekly commissions, distributors and their teams unit required to accumulate a minimum of 3000 BV’s, and searching on rank may vary receive $200 to $300 /week.

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The foremost thing that QNet offers is the reputation and wide acceptance of the brand Qnet. They have partnerships and distribution deals with many high-profile organizations around the world. They have also been the official coin-distributors of many sporting events like 2000 Olympics in Sydney and the 2002 FIFA World Cup (co- hosted by Japan And South Korea).

Being an official partner has provided a well needed global exposure for the QNET. They were also a distributor during the 2004 Olympics and the 2008 Olympics in Athens and Beijing respectively. QNET offers an exclusive product which most MLM companies can never claim of. The company has also taken over some smaller companies, which is a crystal clear proof of the company’s capacity to grow in the future.

Cons of QNet

Like the two sides of a coin, Qnet have also gone through a lot bad phases. They have been charged as a Ponzi Scheme in many countries like Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Iran and Sudan in their beginning stages in those countries. 

We can find out a lot of consumer complaints about this MLM firm in many genuine internet websites like Better Business Bureau and much more. They have proved their merit in some cases too.

Final Thoughts

As we  went through the Qnet ReviewQnet have had both positive and negative reviews. The products and services offered by them are of high quality. But the format in which some agents operate have made many bad remarks for the company. Qnet is definitely an effective MLM company that gives great opportunities to those who are planning to step in to the direct selling market and thus attain high career graph!

Despite all this, what we would recommend is to do your own research about the company their products etc. and thus take that giant step using your due diligence.

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