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ModiCare MLM Review – Genuine Review

Pavanan Ghosh

Modi Group is one of the fastest-growing Network Marketing business giants in India. Before getting into depth about this Modicare MLM Review, let’s dive into the basic working structure of a typical network marketing business firm.

Is Modicare a MLM Company?

ModiCare Multi-Level Marketing Company is a $2.8 trillion Indian conglomerate owned by Modi Enterprises. ModiCare was established in 1996 and is headquartered in New Delhi. Today, the company claims to have 40 centers across the country that supply products to more than 2,700 cities.

Company Name: ModiCare
Type: Private
Industry: Multi Level Marketing
Founded: 1996
Founder: Samir Modi
Headquarters : New Delhi , India
Products: Consumer products, multi-level marketing, cigarettes, food and beverages, fashion
Website :


The Modicare Network Marketing company is headed by founder and CEO Samir Modi, the grandson of the founder of Modi Enterprises, Gujarmal Modi. Samir Modi (right) started his business career in 1992, working through Modi Enterprises’ tobacco interests. He founded Modicare, the network marketing arm of the Modi Group, in 1996 after various stints in the Modi Group’s businesses. With 12 goods and 300 distributors, the company got off to a good start. He took over the Modicare cosmetics company in 2003 and launched Colorbar Cosmetics in 2004 for the domestic Indian market.

ModiCare Products- Modicare Products Review

Modicare Products

Modicare Network marketing company markets a range of products spanning personal care, home, agriculture, auto, nutrition, health and wellness, jewellery and tech.

Although there are too many products to describe here individually, ModiCare’s website has a complete catalog with retail pricing.
ModiCare products, from what we’ve heard, are manufactured in-house. Modicare products are produced in its R&D centers by the company’s own highly experienced technical staff. All products are manufactured in accordance with Indian tastes and formulated according to international standards.

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Modicare Compensation Plan

The MLM compensation plan supported by Modicare is very simplistic and gives a more favourable opportunity to new consultants & business builders to make more money and get rewarded basis the effort that they put in.It’s known as the Modicare Maximizer Plan.

One of the main benefits of the ModicareMLM Plan is that it’s totally your business. Your success is based on your hard work and you will set the speed for your growth. Also always notice to figure out profoundly competent people to your downline, so that it will add to your success.

ModiCare MLM compensation plan is based on the amount of revenue generated by

  • Retail customer purchases;
  • ModiCare affiliate purchases;
  • Recruited ModiCare affiliate purchases.

Points-based incentives, paid out by unilevel team level generations, are ModiCare’s primary form of the commission payment.

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Retail Commissions

ModiCare Network Marketing company offers commissions of up to 20% on retail customer product orders. The difference between the wholesale and retail price of goods ordered is used to pay retail commissions.

Accumulated Performance Bonus

The difference between the wholesale and retail price of goods ordered is used to pay retail commissions.

  • Consultants receive a 7% Accumulated Performance Bonus
  • Senior Consultants receive a 10% Accumulated Performance Bonus
  • Associate Supervisors receive a 13% Accumulated Performance Bonus
  • Deputy Supervisors receive a 16% Accumulated Performance Bonus
  • Supervisors receive a 19% Accumulated Performance Bonus
  • Directors receive a 22% Accumulated Performance Bonus

The Accumulated Performance Bonus is determined by adding up the PV provided by an affiliate and affiliates that they personally recruited.
The recruited affiliates are paid a percentage of the commission depending on their level, with the difference going to the qualifying affiliate. In a single month, if a Consultant produces 240 PV and 6000 GV (accumulated), they are eligible for a 10% Performance Bonus.

Director Bonus

Every month, ModiCare puts 14 percent of company-wide sales volume into the Director Bonus pot.A uni-level compensation structure is used to pay the Director Bonus. A uni-level compensation structure puts an affiliate at the top of a uni-level team, with any affiliate they personally hire positioned directly underneath them.

Outbound Travel Fund

Every month, ModiCare business puts 3% of the company’s total sales volume into the Outbound Travel Fund. The Outbound Travel Fund is used to contribute to travel rewards arranged by the organization. Affiliates with the rank of Senior Director or higher are eligible for a share of the Outbound Travel Fund, which is measured using Director Bonus points.

Dream Vehicle Fund

Every month, ModiCare contributes 5% of company-wide sales volume to the Dream Vehicle Fund.
The Dream Vehicle Fund is used to buy a vehicle that has been pre-approved by ModiCare.From the fourth month of continued rank qualification, Senior Executive Directors and higher ranking associates are eligible for a share of the Dream Vehicle Fund.
The monthly Dream Vehicle Fund payout per affiliate is capped at Rs. 100,000.

Dream Home Fund

Every month, ModiCare business contributes 3% of its total monthly sales volume to the Dream Home Fund.
The Dream Home Fund is used to help people buy a home. I interpret this to mean mortgage payments, despite the fact that it is not expressly stated in ModiCare’s compensation package.
From the sixth month of continued rank qualification, Presidential Directors and higher ranking affiliates are eligible for a share of the Dream Home Fund. The Director Bonus points are used to determine the Dream Home Fund.

The monthly Dream Home Fund payout is capped at Rs. 120,000 per affiliate.

Pros/Cons of Modicare MLM Company

PROS of Modicare MLM Company

    • Variety Of MLM Products

Modicare offers a wide range of items, ranging from health care and personal care, accessories, and even agricultural supplies. It is beneficial to me as a buyer to be able to choose from a wide range of items.

    • For More Than 20 Years, They’ve Been in Business

Modicare has been around for more than two decades, which is an impressive track record. It is owned by Samir Modi, a real individual who comes from a family of business magnates. Modicare is also the first Indian MLM, according to reports.

CONS of Modicare MLM Company

    • Unpopular in the world market

Most Modicare reviews and info, including current YouTube videos, are in Hindi. So, it’s hard to figure out how this business can work on a global scale.

It appears to be tailored to Hindi-speaking markets, so if you’re interested in participating but don’t speak the language, you’ll find it difficult.

    • Lack of transparency

Modicare is without a doubt one of the best direct selling company in India, but one of its flaws is that some critical information, such as information about the ingredients in its products and the income disclosure statement, is missing from its website.

It claims to have a branch office in Nepal, but there are no foreign branch offices listed on the company’s website. Yes, they have some details, but they are not completely clear.

    • Low Income Potential

There isn’t a precise income disclosure statement that shows how much Modicare consultants make. Why isn’t the company open about their earnings if they’re doing well? We’ve also seen a lot of complaints, especially from consultants who are underpaid. It can be useful as a source of additional income, but not as a primary source of income.

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Was this Modicare MLM review helpful? ModiCare MLM opportunity revolves around signing up, purchasing goods, and then recruiting others to do the same. Retail is a possibility, but we’re not sure it’s a viable option. Not necessarily in terms of expense, but rather in terms of a company-wide emphasis. While it is free to join, you must purchase products in order to earn money. It will be difficult for you to sell this since the market is already crowded with similar goods. You must also know how to hire employees in order to receive more benefits and promotions.

Not to dismiss such opportunities, but they are almost always doomed to fail, particularly near the end of the affiliate program. Yes, you can make money, but it will only be enough to supplement your income and not enough to make a living.

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