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Ambit Energy MLM Review- Can You Really Make Money?

Pavanan Ghosh

Ambit Energy, a leading MLM retail Electricity and Natural Gas provider in the US was the main center of attraction since its inception! It was mainly for the services they were offering, which we are going to discuss in this Ambit Energy MLM Review blog.

Ambit Energy imprinted their footsteps into the field of Electricity and Natural Gas, other than concentrating on the intangible products.

This article is an attempt to check out whether this MLM firm is an opportunity or not for its independent business owners. Explore more to know the complete & genuine Ambit energy reviews to check whether it is a scam or a business opportunity

Lets see an overview below:

Ambit Energy MLM – A Scam Or A Great Opportunity?

Company Name: Ambit Energy
Type: Private
Industry: Multi Level Marketing
Founded: 2006
Founders: Jere Thompson Jr. and Chris Chambless
Head Quarters : Dallas, Texas (USA)
Products: Retail Electricity and Natural Gas
Website :

How does Ambit Energy Works?

This MLM firm depends upon the independent consultants working with customers . Here there  is a network of independent consultants to work with customers. And they usually makes a contract with the customers for a period of 1 or 2 years for utilities. And it makes sure that the customer cannot turn to another service provider till the contract ends.

You should take care of the contract ending date because once your contract ends the rates may change from the existing rates. This has created a small buzz around the customers in the past but now it’s all good! It was started from scratch and established as esteemed  MLM retailer by two founders. It was founded by ere Thompson Jr. and Chris Chambless. They made it possible that it is a multi-billion dollar company now.

According to their recent reports, Ambit Energy has produced over a billion dollars on revenue and are still going strong. This is really a worthy point to note if you are planning to get involved with Ambit Energy for your MLM career.

A Little About the Founders of Ambit Energy…

Ambit Energy Founders

From the information gathered from Wikipedia, the two founders Jere Thompson Jr. and Chris Chambless opened the MLM firm in Dallas, Texas in the year 2006.

Almost after a decade, they also began to provide solar services to its customers, apart from the Retail Electricity and Natural Gas services.

This is something really interesting to watch out for because the services provided by private firms will mostly be of high quality!

Is Ambit Energy For You?

Let’s be straight forward!

This product is not for everyone! Because it’s mainly confined to the 17 states of USA. There is a limitation that here it is not a worldwide company so the free market business opportunities cannot be utilized to the maximum.

Now let’s checkout some product and services offered by the Ambit Energy.

Commercial Services

Ambit Energy assists various small and large scale businesses to cut down the energy cost for their business. The commercial business experts of Ambit energy are the best in the field of MLM and will always assist you to avoid any unwanted fees and they also assist in acquiring special benefits.

The sign up is totally free here and it a benefit you get from Ambit energy. You can either sign up online or can join through an independent consultant. Later on you can choose the plan according to your business needs.

Some Other Benefits

  • Earn Free Energy

You can earn this benefit by referring 15 customers to Ambit Energy. They have to choose Ambit Energy as their energy provider. 

  • Travel Rewards

You can earn travel rewards by referring customers and you can convert the reward points to travel allowance for the trips.

For some people, it may not be cool, because it doesn’t translate into revenue. But free stuffs are good sometimes.

Going Green

Ambit energy respects both the customers as well as the environment. And hence they are also a leading renewable energy provider in US, mainly dealing with the Solar Energy.

With climate change and global warming being a hot topic, renewable energy is a surging market at the moment. And this could literally translate into money for you…!

Ambit Home Services

The home services provided by Ambit Home services includes two types of coverage. One is used for saving energy and the other is used for lightning or power protections. They are as follows

  •  Ambit AC/Heat Shield – Saving energy
  •  Amber Surge Protection- Lightning or power protections

Ambit Energy compensation plan

How can you make money by being a Marketing Consultant (MC) of Ambit Energy? To join as a consultant, there is a one-time enrollment fee of $75, with no other renewal charges later.

The consultants promote their business by referring new customers and new consultants. The compensation plan of Ambit Energy is designed in such a way that it rewards for building up your organization and it supports those consultants who form their own teams.

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Different Leadership positions available in the Ambit Energy MLM company are:

REGIONAL CONSULTANT (RC): To be a RC, one should

  • Enroll a total of 5 customers  
  • Sponsor 2 Marketing Consultants  
  • Build an initial team of 6 total Marketing Consultants

SENIOR CONSULTANT (SC):  To be a SC, one should

  • Achieve Regional Consultant status  
  • Enroll a total of 10 customers  
  • As an RC, sponsor 2 Marketing Consultants  
  • Should build a Regional Consultant team of 18 Marketing Consultants.

EXECUTIVE CONSULTANT (EC):  To be an EC, one should

  • Achieve Senior Consultant status  
  • Enroll a total of 15 customers  
  • As an SC, develop 5 Senior Consultants in your Senior Consultant team

NATIONAL CONSULTANT (NC):   To be an NC, one should

  • Achieve Executive Consultant status  
  • Enroll a total of 20 customers  
  • As an EC, recruit 5 executive consultants in your EC team.

More Ways to Earn from Ambit Energy

Immediate Income

  • Jump start bonuses: paid initially for recruiting new people to your team.
  • Team builder bonuses: paid for helping your downline to gather more customer referrals.

Leadership Income

  • Consultant Leadership Bonuses – paid to those who have been promoted, through unlimited levels, as new Marketing Consultants enter their organization and get five customers in their first four weeks  
  • Customer Residual Bonuses – Customer Residual Bonus is paid out to those who have been promoted as active customers within their organization to a higher level.

Residual Income

  • Customer residual Income: It is paid monthly to the active members in your team through six levels when they pay their bill.

Pros of Ambit Energy

  • Minimal startup fee is one of the main features of Ambit Energy. Also there is no other renewal fee or its a one time procedure.
  • They provide Green and Renewable energy. It’s helpful for not only us but the future generations too…
  • Ambit Energy is one among the Fortune 500 Business company since the year 2010. It means the MLM company is a firm with quality and potential to make more money.
  • Everyone needs energy. And opting the energy sector is one of the best decisions made by the Ambit Energy.  

Ambit Energy got placed in the List of Top 100 Multi-level Marketing Companies in the world

Cons of Ambit Energy

  • The compensation plan offered by the Ambit Energy is weak compared to that offered by the other MLM firms.
  • The left over payments which are paid are less.
  • Independent Consultant earnings are not readily available.
  • The basic training provided from Ambit is basically less compared to the other MLM firms.
  • Ambit Energy have only services in the selected 17 states of USA.

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Ambit Energy scam or legit?

I wouldn’t say that Ambit Energy is a scam

They provide a service in a deregulated market, and they’ve spread to Japan and Canada.

The company has been active in discovering a broad consumer market and expanding its business globally by using multi-level marketing.

However, only a limited fraction of consultants receive a solid income.

The vast majority receives very little or none at all.

Credibility of Ambit Energy is a big concern.

There are clearly too many reports and negative customer feedback (as seen on the BBB).

The competition is fierce because there are many other businesses on the market that have similar services and products.

Final Verdict

After going through Ambit Energy reviews, we hope you got a crystal clear view about this MLM Company.  Ambit Energy is definitely NOT a scam. It has been a legitimate business for more than a decade now and has been ranked in the list of Fortune 500 companies since the year 2010!

It’s also a fact that you will be having a market worth over a billion-dollar when it comes to Ambit Energy itself. Like two sides of a coin, there are both good and bad things about Ambit.

Here in Ambit the advantages are always regarding the services they provide but the scope for business opportunities are less. Finally, Ambit is not here for the people who don’t have any idea about downline member or to recruit new agents. Of course, there is no benefit in getting cheaper electricity.

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