ACN Compensation Plan Review

ACN Compensation Plan Review

Pavanan Ghosh

ACN is an American Telecommunication company based on Multi-level Marketing business, who sells their products through multi-level marketing strategy. ACN provides individuals to be part of their own telecommunication business. ACN has various range of products including video phone service, satellite television service and energy products. Their products are available in the US, Canada, Asia-Pacific and numerous other European countries.

ACN MLM Company got listed in the  Top 100 Network Marketing Companies around the globe

Here is the review of the ACN Compensation plan.

ACN Compensation Plan Review – How To Make Money with ACN

Selecting The Right Compensation plan For You

ACN designed the plan very much like the hybrid plan, by allowing the members to select their own compensation plan. Whether they want unilevel, binary, or executive breakaway compensation type compensation plan.If a member wants to sell just to the public, they can get regular commissions. ACN proposes some leader positions to the downline members based on the sales and commission earned by the member. We’ll explain the working of above mentioned MLM Plans below 

Payment: The  Commission Details

ACN representative can qualify for immediate compensation through the sales and potential residuals. The Company provides a training program for the reps in the network marketing opportunity in order to make them understand the products and services provided by the ACN. This training provides the essential tools and ideas to the representatives to start their own business opportunity.

The ACN Commission Plan is different for different ACN products. For example, the ACN digital phone service provides the representatives 100% commission and 2 customer points on the purchase of the product, whereas Home and business phone products pay out only at 50% commission but with 2 customer points. ACN commission scheme for energy products is slightly different, the  a specific amount (usually $30) of the monthly energy bill is considered as commissionable.

Other products including their “IBO business tools”, provide only customer points to the reps there is no commission available.

When an ACN representative has achieved their initial customer base,they start to receive leftovers based on the customer’s billing nature.The more customer points mean a better position in the commission level. Customers can review and see their progress on ACN back office, and they can track their current customer points, also they can calculate the points need to be in the next level.This back office facility is also helping them to track their performance and to manage their downlines in order to provide any extra care.

ACN News is another thing that provide in the ACN business. ACN News is a learning utility which provides detailed reports on new products and services that rep can provide to their downline members. When a rep is logged with ACN they will be provided with the ACN login details to their own area.

Bonus Income: Earning A Little Something Extra

ACN compensation plan has another exciting offer which gives the cash bonuses to the new people under a rep’s downline. The members can also additional amounts for new members as well as their initial commission.

ACN Provides wonderful opportunity to grow with the organization, but in any MLM business it should need a support of an  MLM software. An MLM software which provides support to all MLM plans and  with additional features to make the business handling more easier.

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