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Since the past few years, Multi Level Marketing business has earned a huge fame. Looking at another bright side, Network Marketing Software has made MLM businesses even more simple and automated. People are willingly adopting new technology.

While we are talking about MLM business, it includes MLM Compensation Plan which is an organizational structure used in MLM organizations. There are many Network Marketing business plans available in Multi Level Marketing business.

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While it comes to startup an MLM business, it’s quite confusing to choose the best MLM plan for the Network Marketing business. If you are one of them, here, we present the complete information about best Top 5 MLM Compensation Plans in this platform.

List of Top MLM Compensation Plans:

  • Binary MLM Plan
  • Matrix MLM Plan
  • Unilevel MLM Plan
  • Stair Step BreakAway MLM Plan
  • Generation MLM plan

#1 Binary MLM Plan

Binary MLM Plan is one of the basic MLM compensation plans in MLM. Binary Compensation Plan eliminates many of the demerits that come in traditional network marketing plans. The design is more simple here.The major distributors in this plan are also known as Business Centers.

Binary Plan can be called as a 2 x n matrix plan where n corresponds to the number of levels. Commissions can be derived from the corresponding levels. We get the value of ‘n’ as infinite in most compensation plans. The distributors generally own the Income or Business Centers (BC). The major specialty of the business centers is that it can recruit only two direct sponsors, when joining a network marketing company, we should always consider the compensation plan.

Before a final decision is made, you should also consider the products and the practicality of the business model. In the binary plan, new organization members are introduced into a binary tree structure. In a Binary, you would have two Legs.It is a multilevel marketing compensation plan which allows distributors to have only two front line distributors. Here, the distributors must balance their two down-line legs in order to achieve commission.

The Binary MLM Plan can modify to another plan. Modern Australian Binary plan is very clear and simply understandable. Australian Binary is an alteration of the tri binary strategy. Payment becomes bigger according to a couple, It does not rely on stages. The first stage of the main has three kid associates, that’s why it is also  known as 2:1 or 1:2 strategy also, two to the right and one to the remaining. The third following stage has two kid associates of each mother or father.

Australian binary is successful for both organizations and clients. It is a good computation method for clients. The devoted dedicated MLM professional of the organization works absolutely to make the actual customer specifications. Australian Binary settlement pay strategy is identical and simpler than the binary strategy as no related for compulsory for the payout. 

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#2 Matrix MLM Plan

Matrix Plan also called Forced Matrix Plan, is totally based on a structure which has a fixed set width and depth for which the members are compensated. Currently, there exist some other plans as the variations of Matrix Plans, but the basic concept for all is the same.

The structure of Matrix Plan is represented by the equation (width x depth). For example, if someone says that this is 4 x 5 plan; it means that he is limited to sponsor a maximum of 4 frontline distributors and he has the potential to earn commissions that are up to 5 levels deep.

How Matrix Plan Works?

The structure of Matrix allows distributors to sponsor the chain of new recruits into their downline after once their frontline is fully equipped. According to old matrix strategy, the new coming distributor will be automatically added to the vacant space. But nowadays, new variants of matrix plans allows the distributor to decide or choose their position.

Mostly, the new strategy is widely accepted these days as its more attracting. This also enables the distributor to control their business along with teamwork and mutual benefit.

While discussing the potential side, a number of commissions paid on each level is different. Therefore there will be more incentive for the distributors to their particular downline only (without creating a benefit to others).

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#3 Unilevel MLM Plan

One another compensation plan structure which is much easier to understand. As the name suggests, Unilevel MLM plan only enables you to sponsor a single line of distributors. Ensuring that everyone you sponsor is on your frontline.

How Unilevel Plan Works?

The important feature of Unilevel Plan is that it has no limit. ie, You can add as much number of people in your frontline. The major goal of this plan is to recruit a large number of frontline distributors and encourage them to do the same.

In this plan, earning commission required a fixed minimum amount of member volume. So this plan will work effectively for part-timers to earn. Although it tends to be easier to earn a commission using this unilevel compensation structure, while comparing it to other plans, the structure itself restricts the total amount of each commission you can earn.

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#4 Stair Step Breakaway Plan

Stair Step Breakaway Plan is another classic compensation plan that all major start-up companies follow this plan. The structure of this plan has a proven track record as its commonly implemented.

As the name suggests; here in this plan, distributors can climb their ladder of success and they are allowed to break this chain when they reach their potential success. the breaking from their upline allows them to earn more commission.

How Stair Step Breakaway Plan Works?

As an individual distributor, breaking away from your upline grants you lot of benefits which includes earning high commission rate etc. But it also can create a serious negative impact to the company you are breaking away from. Once you have broken, the volume that your upline received from you will no longer flow. While considering your upline, your breakaway will be like losing a customer.

But even if the distributors breakaway, a sponsor will still get a small amount from each breakaway. And this can be called to as override commission. Each of the breakaway in an organization is called a generation. But at the other end, this override commission is comparatively less in amount while considering to the commissions they were earning previously.

#5 Generation MLM plan

Generation plan can be tricky to understand and explain, especially for the newcomer. They function similar to Unilevel pay plans; instead of levels, you are paid for generations. A Generation is all volume from you down to the next person in your downline who is in the same or higher rank.

The next generation is all volume from that person down to the next person your rank or higher, and so on. Among various settlement programs in MLM, creation strategy is regarded as an essential strategy. Because of an end variety of features, creation strategy is recommended over various other programs.

For a beginner in MLM also, the creation strategy maintains an essential place. If the creation strategy is efficient, then there are more possibilities for an individual to get achievements in his efforts

The main advantages of Generation Plan are, you can quickly see how powerful a generation plan can be. You can be paid many levels deep – with respect to the example given below, there are 16 levels, although it is only 4 generations. Typically you are paid the most on your first generation, and then less for each subsequent generation. So even you might be paid 10% on your first generation, it may only be 6% on your second, 4% on your third, and 2% on your fourth. However, you can see that in this example you are paid on 127 distributors through 4 generations, but it would only be 43 distributors if it was through 6 levels.

Here, we have discussed top 5 MLM Plans amongst many MLM business plans.

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