Make money with affiliate marketing

How to make money with Affiliate Marketing

Pavanan Ghosh

Hope you all know about Marketing. In simple, it is just enhancing your business by promoting your product or service. Almost all business owners are focussing on marketing to earn more profit. We have many types of marketing followed in the industry to retain your business in the competitive world. Making money through the affiliates or the downlines in MLM business will definitely yield more profit in your business.

In this article, you will be able to see how we can earn money through affiliate marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Let me first tell you “who is an affiliate” in MLM business and then we can easily understand the term Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate is a member of MLM business who promotes the product or service of the business to earn some fixed commission from the business owners.

Now what these affiliates do in the MLM business is called Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is a type of marketing practice where the affiliates recruit sub-affiliates and earn some fixed percentage on the sale happened through sub-affiliates by using the unique referral ID or link provided to the sub-affiliates. The sub-affiliates, in turn, can recruit another level of sub-affiliates to earn a similar commission. This goes on like a chain process in Affiliate Marketing.  

Have a quick glance at the Key factors in Affiliate marketing

Different commission plans for the affiliates are planned by the owner of the business. They are as follows

#1. Pay Per Click

The MLM company will pay the affiliates if any of the sub-affiliates use the affiliate link to view the product. The commission is paid depending upon the number of unique clicks.

#2. Pay Per Sale

The MLM company will pay the affiliates for the sale happened through the unique referral link of the affiliates. The commission depends upon the certain percentage of the sale.

#3. Pay Per Lead

The MLM company will pay the affiliates if the visitors provide their information on the website through the unique referral link of the affiliates.

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How To Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

make money with affiliate marketing

Basically, Marketing is done by promoting products and in Affiliate Marketing you can earn a very good passive income by investing your efforts and time.  It is easy for dedicated affiliates to earn money through online.

Here will see some tips to make money with Affiliate Marketing

#1. Be Calm

  • There is a huge number of affiliate marketing in the industry and to realize the overall output or result you may need to be calm.  
  • Add more qualified content to your website so that the visitors will raise your Google ranking and it increase its awareness to many users.
  • To make more contributions to your website you can attend many online community meetings, forums or attend seminar and webinars.
  • This will help you to raise awareness among the customers or visitors about the product in your affiliate program

#2. Always choose the most attractive product

  • After registering with the affiliate program, it is not a good idea to promote all the products through this affiliate program.
  • You can focus on a few products which will definitely reach a large group of people. You need to understand the present market and the desires of the customers.
  • Focus on such type of products to get promoted among the customers.
  • It will yield you a good income through this affiliate program.

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#3. Make use of the best traffic sources

  • More number of traffic for your website will yield you more income.
  • The opportunity to make money increases through this traffic to your site.
  • You can feed your website with advertisement but it is recommended to use Google Adwords.
  • You can create account in Adwords and create your advertisement using this account.
  • Adwords will drive more customers to your site and thus will increase the traffic.  

#4. Focus on targeted traffic

There are several traffic sources but you can focus on targeted traffic. The main goal to focus the targeted traffic is to drive the customers or visitors to click the unique referral links provided to your affiliate. There are different ways to focus on targeted traffic.

1. Paid Advertisement

2. Free Advertisement

3. Article Marketing

4. Email Marketing

4.1 Paid and Free Advertisement

  • In Google AdSense, you can feed your paid advertisement by combining the link, Ad copy, and the graphics.
  • At the same time, you can post your free advertisement on some free websites.
  • This will pay the affiliates based on PPC (Pay Per Click) commission and here it is not necessary that the customer should buy the product to earn the commission.

4.2 Article Marketing and Email Marketing

  • In  Article Marketing, you can post your articles on some websites and you need to achieve higher rankings so that it will be a credible source to you.
  • As a business organization, you can post the article and the affiliate markets will try to republish your article, this will provide more traffic to the original post.
  • In email marketing, the affiliate marketers will set the subscription options for your website and the visitors can enable the subscriptions.

#5. Analyze the action performed

  • You can analyze the action you are performing to promote the products.
  • For example, if an advertisement posted on any platform is not yielding you the expected profit, then you can change the platform and test the action performed. One or the other platform will definitely provide you the result.

#6. Analyze product demand

  • As I already discussed that you have to understand the present market demand for a certain group of products.
  • You can analyze the traffic on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to know whether the real desires of the customers for that particular product.
  • If the requirement is not met, invest your time and effort to promote in such a way that the product earns a demand among the users

#7. Latest technology and methods

  • Digital marketing is in trend now.
  • You can utilize the latest technology and methods to earn a passive income through this affiliate program and be successful in your business by following up to date techniques and methods

#8. Choose the perfect advertiser

  • Choose the perfect advertiser to promote your quality and service of your business. Customer satisfaction is very important for your business.
  • Only satisfied customers will get back to you again and again.
  • So always choose the perfect advertiser that has good customer service support.
  • It will definitely help you to earn a good amount.

#9. Make use of the tools

  • Make use of the tools to do market research on product demand, research regarding your competitor,  track the actions performed and change your advertisements accordingly.

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I hope you all understood how to make money with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is easy and as well as you need to patiently invest your time and effort to experience the good passive income. Always feed your site with qualified content and advertisements to make the users join your Affiliate Program by working from home and to make enough money online.

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