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Top 100 MLM Products List – Best MLM Products Ideas

Pavanan Ghosh

MLM companies do offer a wide variety of MLM products to its customers. Out of those ones, some MLM products always finds a place in the customer’s most favourite category. This blog intends to list out the top MLM products list that the majority of the customers around the world prefers to buy.

The MLM products list is purely prepared on the basis of a poll conducted. Also, the really interesting part is that there were even some companies which have not been even among the list of Top 100 MLM companies!

Top MLM Products List- Best MLM Products Ideas

Sl.NoProduct NameCompany NameWebsite
1.C24/7Alliance in
2.Formula 1
3.Timewise Miracle SetMary
4.Luminesce Skin
5.Iaso Detox TeaTotal Life
6.AgeLoc Galvanic spaNu
7.OneCoin crypto
8.Jewelry In Candles CollectionJewelry in
9.Pro Transfer
10. Patriot designJamberry
12.Aloe Vera GelForever Living
16.Ultimate Body ApplicatorIt Works!
17.3D Fiber
19.ProBio 5Plexus Worldwide
20.Warmers and WaxScentsy
22.ECD Web hostingMega Holdings
23.SkincareActi Labs
24.Optimera Skin
25.Natural Growing SerumPerfectly
26.Fashion Line1 Fashion
30.Optimal SetPM
31.Fragrance collectionPink
32.Tru Weight & EnergyTruVision
33.Contemporary Classics Baker SetPampered
34.Slim RoastValentus
36.Jewelry CollectionPremier
39.Juice Plus+ CapsulesJuice Plus+
41.Anew Skin CareAvon
42.BioSilver Gel
43.Glutathione formulaMax International
44.Deep Blue Essential
46.Renu 28 Skin careASEA
47.XM+Zija International
48.Necklaces collectionPaparazzi
50.Skinny FiberSkinny Body CareN/A
51.Redefine Acute CareRodan + Fields
52.Rejuvenique OilMonat
54.Feri MoshGlobal Wealth
55.Assure anti aging
56.Coffee LatteOrgano
59.Power StripsFG Xpress
60.RE9 Advanced SkincareArbonne
61.Family PlanLegal
62.Dead Sea collectionSeacret
63.Tahitian Noni JuiceMorinda
65.Pearl Nourish CreamKangzen
66.The Lion codeLEO
67.Face Care collectionLemongrass Spa
68.Makeup Made SimpleTyra Beauty
69.Magnetic Jewelry
70.Shakeology Health ShakeTeam BeachBody
71.Breathe Again OilYoung Living Essential
72.Peak Performance Total
73.Candles collectionGold Canyon
74.Skincare programOriflame
76.24 Karat 999.9 Pure GoldKaratBars
77.Membership Savings programTeam
79.Burn + Control CoffeeJavitaN/A
80.Flexi Hair ClipLilla
81.Connect Video ChatTalk
84.Power of WellnessTrevo
85.Travel collectionClever Container
86.Earth GreensEssante Organics
87.LaminineLifePharm Global
88.Online greeting card systemSend Out Cards
90.Jewelry collectionPark
91.Look Good StoreColor By Amber N/A
92.24 Day
93.Seasonal FavoritesWildtree
94.Telecommunication ServicesACN
95.Top Sellers CollectionNature’s
96.Fifty Shades of Grey CollectionAthena’s
97.Single oils collectionAmeo Essential Oils
98.Just for you collectionThirty One
99.Facial CreamUP! EssenceN/A
100.Tea Zer collectionSteeped TeaN/A

Companies That Sell Unique MLM Products

The network marketing products mentioned above are widely available and normal consumer goods. But there are certain extremely unique network marketing companies in various parts of the world which focuses on the manufacture and selling of different MLM products goods or services that are not so common.

Hope, it’s worth mentioning here because the below given list of companies will be a subject of interest for those who are looking for multiple range of consumer items.

Checkout those exclusive MLM firms below.

#1. Steeped Tea

  • Product: Loose Tea Leaves and related items
  • Founder: Tonia Jahshan
  • Founded Year: 2006
  • Country: Canada
  • Starter Price: $99

There are a lot of direct selling companies that do sell the normal consumer goods and beverage products like tea, coffee, energy drinks etc. That’s where this company stays unique. Steeped Tea concentrates primarily on selling high quality tea products like loose tea leaves and more. This company is an absolute delight for the tea lovers.

Some of their variety tea products include Blood Orange Sunrise, Banana Matcha and Berry Mojito. There are also related products, like Steeping Sacks, Matcha Whisks and Milk Frothers.

The price is a little higher compared to other companies but they never compromise on the quality of product they sell. Still, there are a lot of customers for their products due to the variety of tea products offered.

Visit Website :

#2. SendOutCards

  • Product: Greeting Cards for an annual subscription rate
  • Founder: Kody Bateman
  • Founded Year: 2003
  • Starter Price: $50 (refundable) + $59/year (for membership and tools)

SendOutCards concentrates on creating and selling some amazing Greeting Cards. It is based on an annual subscription fee. Some people may think that this product is outdated in the present digital world. But there are still a lot of people who conveys their love and message through Greeting Cards.

Guess what there aren’t many companies which sell greeting cards. They have a collection of attractive Greeting cards for almost all occasions. For example, under the category of Thank You alone, there are more than 35 pages of cards. The customers can even customize the cards.

Visit Website :

#3. Market America

  • Product: Product brokerage
  • Founder: JR Ridinger, Loren Ridinger
  • Founded Year: 1992
  • Country: United States of America
  • Starter Price: $129.95

Market America runs on the idea of Product Brokerage. It implies that they market or promote products of other companies. The members will be provided a particular commission for every sale they make.

Some of their product categories include pet care, weight management, jewelry, automotive care etc. Through this website you can also avail discount offers on certain brands like TLS, Motives etc. Market America do not have certainly unique products in the real sense, but the way of their operation is a little different.

Visit Website :

#4. Powur

  • Product: Solar panels
  • Founder: Jonathan Budd
  • Founded Year: 2014
  • Country: California, United States of America
  • Starter Price: $99 to be an affiliate and $299 to build a team 

Powur manufactures and sells solar panels. The major duties of the consultants are to find more business clients and get paid a percentage commission for the sales created by them.

The ultimate advantage of harnessing solar power is for customers only. Sunlight is abundant and the clients have to bear only the initial costs and for the rest of life energy charges will be absolute zero.

Also, there aren’t many MLM companies who provide solar energy services. Henc, this company offers a unique service to its customers.

Visit Website :

#5. Initial Outfitters

  • Product: Monogrammed and customized MLM products
  • Founder: Jim Storbeck, Alicia Storbeck, and Beth Reeves
  • Founded Year: 2006
  • Country: Alabama, United States of America
  • Starter Price: $79 for Starter Kit

Initial Outfitters sells monogrammed and customizable products. They do offer a variety of products and the customers can add their initials to the products offered. The products sold by them include jewelry (like necklaces, earrings, bracelets), bags, key chains etc.

The price range of the products may range between $10 to $100. For customizing the products, they may charge an additional price from the fixed price of the product.

Visit Website :

#6. Thirty-One

  • Product: Bags and Storage Materials
  • Founder: Cindy Monroe
  • Founded Year: 2003
  • Country: United States of America
  • Starter Price: $99

Thirty-One is an MLM company that deals with the selling of storage items like bags containers, totes, cooler bags etc.The storage bags needed for different purposes are totally different. The materials can also be customized if the customers do really wish to.

Visit Website :

#7. Paparazzi

  • Product: Costume Jewelries
  • Founder: Misty Kirby
  • Founded Year: 2008
  • Country: United States of America
  • Starter Price: $99

Paparazzi concentrates on the selling of inexpensive costume jewelry. They don’t use any costly metals like Gold, Silver etc. Instead they concentrates on developing some really nice attractive jewelries that are not so costly.

Visit Website :

#8. Asirvia

  • Product: Business Marketing
  • Starter Price: $25 per month

Asirvia is a little different in the service they provide. They focus on local business marketing. Their services are based on a small wireless device, called GO, which sends out signals. The users of this device can customize the message and send it to the nearby devices and smartphones. The only condition is that their Bluetooth and Location should be ON.

Visit Website :

#9. Royaltie

  • Product: Business Marketing
  • Starter Price: $30 + $25 per month for one Royaltie Gem

Royaltie also works almost in the same method as the above mentioned one, Asirvia. Royaltie also allows you to send push notifications to the Android devices in your nearby locality.

Through these notifications you can send marketing messages. This device is called a Royaltie Gem. This firm is also one among the top MLM companies in Australia, even though it’s not a pure Australian based one!

Visit Website :>

#10. Nikken

  • Product: Magnets and health
  • Founded Year: 1975
  • Starter Price: $35

This MLM company deals with the selling of health and wellness related products. There are a multiple number of network marketing companies operating in this field, but still the products offered by them are quite unique.

Some of their major categories are Nutrition & Personal Care, Environment, Accessories & Replacements and Rest & Restoration. Some of the products included in these categories include filters, magnetic support, wellness items etc.

Visit Website :

#11. J.R. Watkins

  • Product: Variety of products
  • Founder: J.R. Watkins
  • Founded Year: 1868
  • Country: United States of America
  • Starter Price: $29.95

J.R. Watkins sells products that comes under various categories like Bath & Body, Gourmet, health and Home Care. The price of the products are also reasonable when compared to the ones that are sold by other network marketing companies.

J.R. Watkins has a very good reputation in the market, as they always focus on selling some high quality products.

Visit Website :

#12. Avon

  • Product: Almost all consumer products
  • Founder: David H. McConnell
  • Founded Year: 1886
  • Country: London, United Kingdom
  • Starter Price: $25

Avon do sells almost all types of consumer based goods. It includes skin and care products, clothing accessories, perfumes etc. Avon sells items that are mostly used by women. At the same time they also manufacture certain products for men and children too.

Their individual business consultants are women, as they run with the mission to empower the women.

Visit Website :

#13. 5LINX

  • Product: Home, wellness and health services
  • Founder: Craig Jerabek, Jeb Tyler and Jason Guck.
  • Founded Year: 2001
  • Country: New York, United States of America
  • Starter Price: $39

5Linx offers almost all types of products and services to its customers. Their portfolio of items include Home, Wellness, and Health products, as well as Residential Energy Program, TeeVee On-Demand Television etc.

Visit Website :

#14. Amway

  • Product: A wide range of products
  • Founder: Richard DeVos, Jay Van Andel
  • Founded Year: 1959
  • Country: United States of America
  • Starter Price: $62/year

Amway is one of the oldest MLM companies that do we have in the network sector. They do sell almost all types of consumer based goods and have quite a good reputation around the world. There are only very few MLM companies that can claim this status.

Visit Website :

#15. Vollara

  • Product: Health-related products, Air & Water Purifiers etc.
  • Starter Price: Not Available

Vollara sells health related products, and they only concentrate on the health category. It includes health care supplements, food supplements, nutraceuticals etc. They also provide water and air purification equipment. These equipments are a little costly.

Visit Website :

#16. Unilever

  • Product: Skincare, beauty and body care items
  • Founders: William Lever, 1st Viscount Leverhulme, James Darcy Lever, Samuel van den Bergh, Georg Schicht, Singrose
  • Founded Year: 1929
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Starter Price: Not Available

Unilever is already an established company. But they too now have begun to operate in the network marketing format. They do manufacture and sell almost all types of skincare, beauty and body care items.

Visit Website :

#17. 4 Corners Alliance Group

  • Product: Financial Education books
  • Starter Price: $18

4 Corners Alliance Group sells educational books related with the financial sector. You will be paid for promoting these books. The books are arranged in different tiers, starting at Level 1, where the price 10 US Dollars per book. As the level increases the price of the books also. For Level 5, the books are priced at 150 US Dollars and for Level 6 the books are priced at 300 US Dollars!

Visit Website :


MLM business has been always evolving, and will in the future too! Many network marketing companies have began to venture into the business with providing some really unique MLM products and services. The above given article has tried to collect top 100 MLM Products list sells by various MLM Companies

Do read and drop down your message below if you have any more additions that can be included in the list!



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