The Advantages of Bot Based MLM Software

The Advantages of Bot Based MLM Software

Pavanan Ghosh

The market of bot based MLM software is growing very fast due to the effectiveness of MLM software in the network marketing field. The impact of MLM software on the direct selling of the products/services is huge.

There are two ways of getting the bot-based MLM software. Either you can purchase a mass-market MLM chat bot software or get the custom software developed by any Software outsourcing company or by the in-house team of software developers. Multi-level marketing (MLM) is extensively used for the direct sales of the products/services by creating a hierarchy of sales agents.

According to the World Federation of Direct Selling Association statistics, total market size of global direct sales was about $189.64 billion in 2017 with a constant growth of about 1.6% throughout the year. According to the FICCI forecast, the total volume of the direct sales is expected to cross the $9.2 billion mark in India by 2015. During the past 5 years, the direct sales in India recorded a huge growth of over 16% CAGR. For this valuable growth, the contribution of Indian direct selling companies has been worthful.

This huge volume along with constant growth opens up the new opportunities for the best MLM software in the marketplace.  

What Is an MLM Business Solution?

The bot based MLM business solution is a domain specific online platform, which is used for creating a fully automated multi-level marketing business. Technically speaking, it is a software platform, which supports all processes and activities of the network marketing business, such as binary plans, down-line, revenue sharing, team collaboration, payment gateways, and professional reports of revenue, profit, and commissions.

The MLM software can integrate with the customer support, CRM, e-Wallet, cryptocurrency, eCommerce, and other important business management processes effectively to create a comprehensive business solution. Both the voice-based and text-based chatting has become an important factor of modern MLM software platforms. It can also implement the plugins of the latest communication tools like Skype, WhatsApp, and others. Hence, Our MLM Software is a good example of a professional level MLM marketing platform in the marketplace.  

Importance of Chatbot Software

chatbot mlm software

The importance of chatbot software in modern eCommerce industry is huge. The complexity of eCommerce and online sales can easily be simplified by using the chatbot MLM software because it offers capabilities to integrate different modules that make your eCommerce business a big success. For more about: Importance Of E-Commerce Software in Online MLM Business

Any professional grade MLM software is able to track the transactions, manage the accounts, disperse commissions, and create different plans easily.

Meanwhile, the automated bots are very useful in establishing high-quality communication with the customers. The communication is fully automated and based on the customer behavior analysis to improve the user experience. Thus, the ChatBot MLM software is very crucial for online businesses involved in direct sales.

How Does MLM Software Work?

The development of software for custom MLM applications is a complex and lengthy process. The advantages of custom software are comparatively great, but it takes more time, money and other resources. Therefore, most of the people use the mass-market standard MLM software tools available in the market.

Normally, the MLM software is a web application, which is installed on your local or cloud server. Once the software is installed, you need to add the desired third-party apps, plugins and tools that you want to use in your MLM marketing business. After installing the desired plugins, tools and apps, start creating the accounts of sales distributors, agents, and other stakeholders.

Now, you are ready to go!

Main Advantages of Using Bot Based MLM Software

Any business cannot generate the desired results unless  smooth operation, robust security, effective management, and aggressive marketing are not in place. All this can be achieved through professional-level MLM software, 10 Benefits of buying MLM Software for MLM Business. A good bot based MLM software offers the following advantages.

#1 Smooth Account Management

The MLM based businesses focus mostly on a large number of members and distributors in the multilevel marketing downline. Every user, distributor, agent, and marketer has to have an account created on the MLM platforms. Thus, hundreds of thousands of accounts are created on the platform. A good MLM software helps you manage those accounts efficiently by providing different levels of authorities to the users. Thus, MLM software helps manage those accounts smoothly and effectively.

#2 Effective Marketing

By using professional grade MLM software, you can enhance the effectiveness of your marketing strategy launched for a certain product or a service. You can add multiple plans based on different incentives, promotions, commissions and other kinds of compensations. MLM software supports third-party tools, apps, SMS, e-payments and many other features, which make the marketing of the products more effective and efficient. MLM software creates a great user experience, which results in a better business outcome.

#3 Improved Direct Sales

MLM software is the backbone of direct sales in the present day network marketing. By using all major features and capabilities of any professional level MLM software,  you will improve the direct sales tremendously. By using MLM software, you can break the geographical boundaries and stretch the outreach of your products across the globe. Thus, you can improve your direct sales by going global and without being confined to a certain physical location.

#4 Deeper Visibilities

MLM software provides a deeper insight into the entire marketing strategy, direct sales promotions, revenue generations, commissions, number of accounts and many other things. It offers a better visibility into the progress of the business and helps make the information-based business decisions. You can have a complete picture of your business just in the matter of minutes.

#5 Third Party Apps Support

The majority of the MLM software platforms support the third-party apps and plugins to implement new processes, capabilities, and features into your MLM strategy. By adding different features like payment gateways, chat apps, social media marketing, and other tools, you can make your business more productive and attractive. The support for third-party apps make the MLM software platform more flexible and offers great freedom to add more features to make the business even more professional and competitive.

#6 Effective Communications

Communication is one of the most fundamental components of any kinds of business or projects. MLM software offers customer communication through chatbots and emails. You can also integrate third-party customer support platforms into the MLM software. You can also add SMS, IP phones and live chat in the system to make your communication more effective and reliable.

#7 Detailed Reports

Another important advantage of using the professional-grade MLM software platforms is the power of detail-oriented reports generated by those platforms. You can get the complete reports of your daily, weekly, monthly volume of sales, revenue, taxes, commissions, and much more. You can also generate different types of invoices for your distributors, agents and other stakeholders on the platform. The detailed reports also help you plan your business more effectively and efficiently.  

#8 Quick Execution Of Tasks

As the number of members increases, execution of tasks becomes more and more difficult in MLM software. But not in Bot Based MLM Software. Bot-based MLM software promises quick execution of tasks in any plans including a unilevel MLM plan or a binary MLM plan. The increase or decrease in the number of users does not affect the performance of Bot Based MLM Software in any way. This makes it perfect for MLM networks with a higher number of members.

#9 Free Of Errors

Errors can be critical in any business, especially in the MLM business. The probability of errors occurring in bot-based MLM software is extremely low. All the data and calculations are handled automatically by the bots. This does not leave any room for human error or miscalculations in unilevel MLM plans, binary MLM plans, or any other MLM plan. Any chance of errors can be significantly reduced by using bot-based MLM software especially for binary MLM software and unilevel MLM software.

Final Takeaway!

Having discussed and analyzed the MLM software topic at length, we conclude that:

  •  MLM software is very important for any network marketing.
  •  MLM software is the core component of the global direct sales.
  •  MLM software can be either purchased in standard form or can be custom developed.
  •  A step by step introduction on how to use an MLM software is provided.
  •  7 major advantages of MLM software are discussed in detail.
  •  Chatbots improve the user experience significantly.
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