Infinite MLM Software Successfully Installed in 80 Countries

Pavanan Ghosh

The most popular and profitable business in the Marketing industry is MLM business or Multi-level Marketing business. To efficiently carry out this business, you need MLM software to track your MLM business. IOSS (Infinite Open Source Solutions) offers the best and unique MLM Software.  This software is known for its brand as Infinite MLM Software. 

We have a very strong client base and we have extended our services to all the part of the world to support your MLM business effectively with our Infinite MLM Software

A huge thanks to all of those who have involved with Infinite MLM Software and for their continuous support for our unique software.  We are proud to announce that our MLM Software and its associated derivatives have served more than 80 countries covering the major continents from America(s), Asia, Africa, Europe to Middle-East.

Here is the list of countries (along with the companies) where Infinite MLM Software is successfully installed.

MLM Software Installation in following Countries

Infinite MLM software

1. United States

  • Synergy  O2

Based in Corona, US. is well known for their health supplementation products including Advanced Oxygen Enhancer. Synergy proves to have a wide potential while comparing to their competitors in the health supplement market, letting them stand unique and successive. It is their product quality which makes them unique. We are so glad that we are incorporating Infinite MLM Software for their network based marketing system.

  • NEO Mining and Technologies

NEO Mining and technologies are based in the USA and this is also one of our clients from the United States. We have offered our service for Infinite MLM Software for their business needs.

2. Thailand

Funny Invest is a Thailand based company and this is the website address of Funny Invest: Funny Invest is FOREX. Foreign exchange trading company and it uses Infinite MLM software for its business requirements.

3. Germany

Dipster is a German-based online company dealing with the spices. You can view this company on this website address: Dipster sells various spices in cans through online.

4. Kazakhstan

Citysmart Club is an innovative company based in Kazhakhstan.  They offer their club members with the best services and products. To view more on their different services click on the website address: It uses Infinite MLM software and also our Infinite Cab Software for their different services.

5. Canada is an e-commerce company based in Canada.  They have a wide range of products and services serving worldwide. The different category products in this e-commerce platform can be viewed in this website address: They also follow MLM business for their e-commerce company and they make use of our Infinite MLM Software

6. UAE

Sami Direct is a UAE based company. It is an e-commerce online store. you can view all the products of this e-commerce company on this website address: They use infinite MLM software for their e-commerce business.

7. India

  • Sami Direct

Sami Direct is an Indian based online store which mainly deals with health care products and cosmetic products which are derived from herbs. They use their distributors to sell their product and basically, they follow MLM business with our Infinite MLM software. You can view more about this store on this website address: Sami Sabinsa group of companies is the parent company of Sami Direct.

  • is an Indian based online cart. This e-commerce platform deals with a wide range of different category products. The platform deals with grocery products, fashion products, health care products, electronic products, furniture products, etc. To view more, use this website address:

8.  Bulgaria

SynergyLeaves is a Bulgarian company that deals with online healthcare products especially synergy tea leaves to improve the overall immunity. To view, more about the products click on this website address:


These are a just a few of the success stories of Infinite MLM Software. If you are looking for the best MLM Software for implementing your MLM Plans, you have reached the correct place. Register our Free MLM Software Demo now and be part of the Infinite MLM Software family.

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Are you on the lookout for a cost-effective software solution with advanced features for your MLM business? Infinite MLM software might just be the thing for you.

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