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Binary MLM Plan Calculator is Live Now

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Infinite MLM Software is pleased to introduce Binary MLM Plan Calculator to help you calculate the returns and compensation before you throw in a fortune of money in Binary MLM business.

Binary MLM Plan is one the most widely used MLM plans in the world and rightly so. It is easy to understand and much more easier to workout the compensations and payouts.

What is Binary Plan?

Binary MLM plan works on the basis of business volumes. There are two legs in the structure where each new member is placed on either the left or right legs. These legs are alternatively called the power leg and the profit leg respectively.

Take the Advantages of Binary Compensation Plan to nurture your MLM Business

How does Binary MLM Plan work?

A member in the network will recruit two others to join the plan, and they will be placed in either the left or right leg below him.

Concept of Spillover

In case he manages to recruit more than two members, the additional one will be added to the downline of the next available member in the right leg (Power Leg). This implies that the new member will be shared by the whole of the downline’s power leg, irrespective of who recruited him. This is called a Spillover.

The case of profit leg is entirely different. It would not relish the reminiscences of spillover as it would grow only with individually sponsored downlines.

Why do people choose Binary MLM Plan?

The affiliates in the scheme can give you plenty of reasons to justify their choice. The main advantage is that the plan is volume driven and not level driven. Each member enjoys the fruits of their labour. Moreover, each member needs to recruit just two others, this allows the tree to expand rapidly.

Compensation in Binary MLM

The Binary MLM Plan is made stable by three types of compensation. The team of affiliates is kept on the toes by the binary structure. The compensations are as follows.

1. Introducer or Sponsor Bonus
2. Pairing Bonus
3. Matching Bonus

How is Commission Calculated?

Compensations are calculated on the basis of business volume points. The levels play an irrelevant role here.

The commission is calculated with respect to the side that has the least volume. The percentage of the least amount of volume is calculated and everyone gets paid on that basis. This implies that your profit will be dependent on the sales your downline makes.

Let us illustrate this with an example

Consider the left leg has earned 500 points and the right leg has 1000 points. Then, the commission is calculated as 10% of the least amount of volume that is of the left leg, so, 10% of 500. The right leg will have a carry point for the next commission.

Binary MLM Plan Calculator

As the tree grows, a little bit of complexity creeps into the calculations. You can solve it by using MLM Binary Plan Calculator..

Binary MLM Plan Calculator

How to use it?

Here, you can calculate the commission either as a percentage or on a flat basis. The MLM BInary Calculator requires some input like the Joining Amount, Product Amount, Capping / Ceiling, Binary Commission, Number of Levels,Admin Charges, Tax Deduction etc. Once these inputs are given, you can calculate the commission you will earn.You can have an idea of the earnings you could make from the plan and whether the business would be lucrative for you or not.

Quite an easy task.

We also provide feature filled MLM software inclusive of the Binary Plan Calculator to help you keep track of your business. The software is customizable as per the needs of the client. Efficient to companies, both small and big, the software is what you will only need to manage your business!

With the launch of the MLM Binary Calculator, we have simplified the most complex part of the binary commission calculations for your convenience.

Get your hands on it now!

Try out Binary MLM Software Demo to experience how Binary MLM Plan works.


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