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Donation Plan MLM Software

Nowadays Gifting, Donations and Crowd-funding are frequently used terms in network marketing. Hence everyone gets an opportunity to become a successful Entrepreneur. A lot of MLM Plans are there in the market nowadays. Out of this our Donation plan MLM software remains different. When there is a shortage of money which lacks you back, no need to get worried about!! Here the entire world comes to you realize your dreams. Infinite MLM software offers various features which are beneficial for your organization to expand. Here in donation Plan, a company or any individual source money for a project by asking a large number of contributors to donate a small amount to it. In return followers may receive token rewards that increase in fame as the size of the donation increases; for small amounts, the funder’s may get nothing at all.

Donation plan MLM software have been implemented by numerous International MLM companies and their MLM networkers. So there is no doubt that the company which manages all these transactions, receives a huge profit in a very short interval of time. What makes different from all others is our Features listed.

Infinite Donation plan MLM Software will have some features:

  • Online registration for providing and receiving help.
  • Different payment integrations like Bitpay, Paypal, Bitcoin etc.
  • Admin can manage Donation- confirm , cancel etc.
  • Send and receive donation.
  • Upload option for payment proof.
  • Member to view and approve payments to get more help.
  • Multiple accounts and different level of users.
  • Transaction management
  • Various tool feature for content management, Email notification and uploading materials.
  • Activity history and more.

Various donations or anything related to donations can be easily monitored in dashboard history. In Donation report, you can manage donations and the user level. Pending donation can also be traced here.  It’s easy for the user to track everything in a single platform. This makes our plan entirely different from others and also it works so easily. Ie, It’s a concept based on giving and taking policy in which a networker who provide a single help to a networker gets multiple help from others. Find out whether our MLM software demo can make any difference to your online business in rising profits. Save your valuable time and money both with our Donation plan Demo and spent on what is more relevant to you.


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