Tranont compensation plan

Tranont Compensation Plan Explained

Pavanan Ghosh

Tranont is one of the best Network Marketing companies rising in popularity. Many network marketing enthusiasts have turned their focus towards Tranont. Founded in 2014, this Utah-based network marketing company provides health products and innovative wealth services.

Their top products include Icaria Glow: a collagen beverage loaded with antioxidants, Life: A wellness supplement capsule abundant in vitamins and minerals, Balance: A blend of whole foods stuffed with phytonutrients, minerals, and added antioxidant qualities, Vibe: A vitamin B supplement, and Restore: A product which aids quick health rejuvenation, metabolism of proteins and the building of a robust immune system.

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Tranont Compensation Plan – Unlock Your Potential Using Tranont Business Plan

Tranont compensation plan gives you seven different ways to get paid. They are:

  • Monthly Team Bonus
  • Car “Jeep” Bonus
  • Life Bonus
  • Three Separate Bonus Pools
  • Retirement Bonus
  • Tranont Life Commissions
  • Promotional Trips and Incentives
  • Retail Preferred Customer Acquisition Bonus

Now let’s look into the details of each 

1. Monthly Team Bonus

You can pass for the Monthly Team Bonus as soon as you hold three individually sponsored active associates. As long as you keep three individually sponsored, active associates, you will receive a $100 monthly bonus. It is the exact cost of the financial monthly utility. So this is also called “Get 3 – Get Your Product for Free.” This reward will rise as your group volume and the number of individually sponsored associates increase.

2. The Car “Jeep” Bonus

The Car Bonus is given to Tranont Associates when they achieve the status of Financial Consultant. The company will pay $500 every month to their associates for the buying or lease payment of any Jeep vehicle. Alternatively, they also have the choice of getting paid $250 per month.

3. Life Bonus

The Life Bonus is paid to Tranont Associates when they reach the position of Senior Financial Consultant. Once an associate archives this rank, the company will contribute towards their new or current Tranont Life insurance policy. As the associate’s level advances, the company’s contribution also rises.

4. Bonus Pools

Tranont Associates are also remunerated through three different bonus pools. Associates join in the Builder’s Bonus Pool by individually sponsoring new associates. An associate gets 1 share of a 2% bonus pool for every 6 fresh associates they individually sponsor. Associates join the Management Pool when they achieve the Senior Financial Consultant status. An associate gets up to 5 shares of a 4% pool. Associates, those who reach the level of Vice President can engage in the Executive Pool which gives up to 4 shares of a 9% bonus pool.

5. Tranont Life Commissions

As a Tranont associate, you will have access to a robust line of products that can assist people everywhere to achieve their insurance and economic goals. As you market and distribute these goods you will be remunerated with remarkably aggressive benefits and development programs. Besides, you will be able to improve with Tranont Life over the various promotion levels, all the while making you an income that will assist you to achieve your individual economic goals.

6. Perks and Incentives

Tranont regularly organizes programs and incentive plans for their Associates and Agents to develop and enhance their lifestyle and finances. Envision going on dream holidays to exotic places that any normal person can wish to go with their loved ones. With Tranont associates have the chance to live the life of their fantasies.

7. Retail Services Commission Percentages

Some people may not actually want to join the Tranont business scheme but may want to use the various Tranont goods and services. These people are called Preferred Customers. Associates get a percentage of their sales to Preferred Customers as their commission.

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How to join Tranont?

To be an active associate of the Tranont group you are required to pay a yearly fee of $49. Plus, you will also need to buy a Base Plan costing $349, Gold Plan costing $599, or Platinum Plan costing $1499.

You will also be required to spend  $100 every month to be considered an active associate and therefore gain commissions that are granted. Get more details regarding what is multi level marketing.

Ratings and Reviews

Tranont is rated 3.71 out of 5 in Better Business Bureau based on 21 customer reviews. Better Business Bureau serves as a platform to solve marketplace issues between companies and their customers. Customers stated that recruiting not being mandatory to make money is one of the biggest positives of Tranont. Their health products have also received rave reviews on the platform.

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Tranont is clearly a legitimate network marketing company. But both positive and negative feedback about the company can be detected over the internet. Choosing a network marketing company for yourself to join should be done after a lot of research and thinking. We can assure you that Tranont is genuine.

 But they do impose a big amount yearly and monthly to keep your status as an active executive member, and earn commissions. In this article, we have explained in detail their compensation plan. Compare it with the compensation plans of other network marketing companies before you choose a company for yourself.

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