MLM Pre-Launch Website – is Good for MLM business?

Pavanan Ghosh
MLM pre launch website  is a promotional website widely used by the MLM Companies. The companies which are going to open in a few months or launching a new plan will open a website for the pre-launch operations. MLM prelaunch is the techniques used by a MLM company in order to create, tremendous business opportunities before the company starts their actual business.

Why Do They Do ?

The main aim is promotion, with an effective MLM pre-launch campaign they can easily get attention of general people as well as the customers. With this they can easily build a solid platform for their business. The brand or company which they are launching will be familiar with the customers which will help them to have some immediate customers as well  as some immediate business after the actual opening, and they will have thousands of customers and distributors.

How Do They Do ?

The main step is to create excitement. For that they will make some exciting offers like free joining, low cost joining or guarantee down line etc. There is a common thinking in MLM  like getting early in MLM will make you a rich more easily, so people will be more interested to join as early as possible in a MLM system.This makes a suitable atmosphere for a prelaunch MLM offer,  people will be ready for joining without much marketing and all and thus company will have lots of distributors in the starting time itself. This will help the mlm company  to have a capital income at the earliest period of the business without much any investments.

There are many reasons to join in a MLM prelaunch Scheme , but there is always a darker side and brighter side for a concept, It’s applicable here too , let us start with the advantages first

Advantages of MLM Pre Launch Websites

Excitement & Hype

People get excited when something new has launched in the market, it is same in the case of MLM industry too. They will be interested  to join the “new, greatest thing” in the MLM industry. People estimate about whether the MLM Company will be the next greatest thing. Some of the time it is. Different times it doesn’t work out that way. Most People think another startup MLM Company is more remunerative than their current organization. Many of them  will be excited and will be ready to sponsor into the business. However to find and create business  through sponsors , you should be familiar with prospecting, recruiting and closing the sale.


It’s easy to sponsor people in MLM Business. As mentioned above people are excited. The company has no reputation. People in the other companies quit that company and join in a new company in hopes of finding more profit. They will plan like this company will solve all their problems and hope that is easier to sponsor distributors into the new one, than in their current MLM organization.

Catch It On The Ground

This is the main reason  why people join MLM pre-launches. They want to get into the opportunity from the beginning it self. This early joiners always benefited with big bucks in every  MLM companies. They had on great offer and they used it well. But there are many other people who got in early but still failed.


On the other side there are many reasons why you should not join in a pre-launch MLM company. Most of the companies started a few years back doesn’t exist today. They have stopped the business or they have failed to succeed in the MLM world. That is the main reason why we should think think before we act  mlm pre launch offers.

Unchecked Products: You will not have any idea about the product, quality of the product , product details  and competitors in the market , You should clear all these queries before you joining with the pre-mlm launch.

Reputation: These new pre-launching will not have any reputation the market will be unaware about their whereabouts. They may seem good  on the ground but we can not be sure about their services and operations. So make sure before you decide to join in a pre-launch MLM.

Unknown leaders/ leadership: We may not have a clear picture about  the leadership of the company, Their experience in business, Their knowledge in network marketing etc. Many MLM companies failed because of the lack of knowledge and experience of the CEO’s and senior members.  So it’s better to involved with those which have excellent leadership factors.

Insufficient Funding: As a startup company you don’t know how much capital has to invest in the business. Some business grow fast and makes more profit. They wind up getting more business orders  than they can deal with or don’t have the logistics to support  the development. With a pre-launch MLM business you don’t know what amount of funding it has on the other hand reputed companies  have sufficient funding to develop and stand the test of time.

In conclusion, joining with a MLM pre-launch company could be a powerful approach to build  a large distributor network. but pre-launch MLM is not a sure shot business, for every advantages there is some disadvantages too.

These are some tips you should consider before you joining to a pre-launch MLM

  • Research the company
  • Research the leaders their backgrounds
  • Research the products its quality, details
  • Research the funding
  • Always Select a experienced MLM Conslutant and  MLM Software

For a bright business future in network marketing business always go for the establish MLM organizations and MLM Plans . Select pre-launch MLM offers only if you know the company well. Never jump to join pre-launch MLM without a second thought. Always think before you Act.

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