Use of E-Pin In MLM Software

Pavanan Ghosh

What is E-pin?

E-pin is generated using MLM Software for various processes including Online Registration, Online Purchase, Signing Up new Members, Package Up-gradation, and Member Renewal etc. Most of E-pin MLM Software comes with an E-Pin generator which carries out Pin generation and new member registration using generated E-pin. This is more user-friendly and used for secure transaction and taking more membership. It is really efficient for the MLM business as it is known to be the most suitable medium for making payment.

How to Generate E-pin?

An E-pin is generated automatically by the site admin. Later, admin will send this E-pin to the new or existing members via E-mail or through integrated SMS Gateway. For a new member, E-pin serve as the key to create new entry. Many of the MLM likes to promote the site with epin concept for protected and easy payment mode because of its varied nature. It only spend a less time of effort for better performance. Let us see what is the importance of using E-pin in MLM Software.

Importance of E-pins in Network Marketing

E-pins generated by MLM Software’s are secure. These generated E-pins cannot or will never have duplicates and it is impossible to guess for anyone. The MLM Website admin can configure the E-pin combination in the form of mixed alphabets, numbers and special characters. Admin can also define and set the length of characters and expiry date for E-pin. An E-pin will be unusable once its expired. Most of the e-pin MLM Software also have the feature to suspend or cancel the un-registered E-pin

How E-pin Works ?

Consider the product purchase and selling, there are several ways in which you can add membership and carry out payments. But, do you want to take risks ? Do you know safe or secure it is ?. E-pin is the best answer for your question. All transactions, payments will be safe with use of E-pins. In your daily life, you may have seen E-pins in its physical form such as Prepaid Coupons, Prepaid Vouchers and Scratch Cards.

For the modern World, E-pin MLM will the best and safest way for member registrations, payments and transactions. One other benefit of E-pin is that, it can be used Globally without any boundaries. Most MLM Companies have several branches across the Globe and they use the E-pin MLM Software  for unharmed and trusted payment and member registrations. Hence the usage will grow exponentially day by day.

Advantages of Using Infinite MLM Software’s E-Pin System:

  •  Secure Transaction Mode

Each E-pin is a unique code which is randomly generated by system and it is impossible to guess an E-pin.

  • Flexible Transactions

E-Pin helps to Functions the E-money/E-wallet in a flexible and secured manner.

  •  Reporting System

All reports and logs of every e-pin generated, used, blocked is maintained enabling easy and effective tracking of every single E-Pin generated through the system.

E-pin Features Of Infinite MLM Software:

  • Add E-pin : Add new E-pin(s)
  • Delete E-pin : Delete existing E-pin(s)
  • Search E-pin: Search E-pins
  • Inactive E-pins : List of Inactive E-pins
  • Active E-pins : List of Active E-pins
  • View E-pin Request : To view the E-pin Request
  • Allocate E-pin To User : To Allocate a particular E-pin to a user
  • View Allocated E-pin : To view the Allocated E-pin.

Infinite MLM Software is designed by fulfilling each and every aspects of E-pin management system ensuring 100% flexible user experience. Try out our free MLM Software Demo.

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Are you on the lookout for a cost-effective software solution with advanced features for your MLM business? Infinite MLM software might just be the thing for you.

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