Why Network Marketing or MLM is Not Illegal?

Pavanan Ghosh

So….you’re curious about network marketing or mlm. Maybe you even want to get involved in something, but you’re worried that someone just wants to scam you. Nothing wrong with skepticism, it’s healthy, and it keeps people out of trouble. I’ve been there and it’s okay to feel that way. Just get the facts before you judge.

I have to laugh when I see some of the critics and naysayers out there on the web. I especially love the ones that have a vendetta against any one particular company. I think to myself, “doesn’t this guy have anything better to do with his time and money than try to point out how a network marketing company “scammed” him?” It makes me wonder who he’s being paid by.

My point is this. The internet is the biggest bathroom wall in the world. There’s good info and bad info. Don’t be sucked in by the opinions of a few people, who most likely will never succeed at ANYTHING in their lives. On the other hand, there are some people who have gotten into some kind of marketing scam, and lost money. You have to be aware of those programs.

Network marketing or mlm in itself is NOT A SCAM. Why? Because it’s LEGAL!! Feel free to visit the FTC website. There is plenty of good information there to help you realize what is and isn’t legal. The problem… is that the critics of mlm would have you believe that ALL networking companies are bad because of the sins of a few. Not true.

I don’t care what all these guys online say about network marketing or mlm. It is the best legal way for the average person to create generous amounts of income for themselves. Some people even become wealthy. The truly successful people become wealthy by helping other people become wealthy.

Now, I’m not stupid and naïve. I know that there are a lot of people out there who “fail” in network marketing or mlm. I hate to even use that word “fail”. It’s just that they don’t finish. There are certain things that must be done to succeed, and sometimes people just don’t want to follow instructions. They didn’t get scammed. There were no broken promises. They just lost interest. That’s cool. That doesn’t mean the concept of network marketing or mlm is a scam or illegal.

To be sure, there have been, and will be network marketing companies that fail, just like in any other business. For whatever reason, things just don’t work out. Maybe they just couldn’t get their product to sell. Maybe their product was too expensive. Maybe they had no support. For whatever reason, it just didn’t work, that’s okay. This does not mean that network marketing or mlm is a scam or illegal! How many businesses in this great country of ours have failed? I guarantee you….more than you know. Just look at the statistics. Failure does NOT mean scam.

On the other hand there are plenty of network marketing or mlm companies that have, and will continue to succeed beyond even their most wildest dreams. Why? Because they are real, legitimate companies, that actually have great systems in place to help their people out. Another thing they have is a great product or products.

Look, if you want to succeed in something, ask people who are successful in that area about it. Don’t go to some guy on the web who is complaining about scams, and ask his advice or opinion. He could care less about you and your situation. Like I said earlier, he’s probably being paid by a competitor or has all kinds of google ads on his site.

There really are people out there that will help you succeed in network marketing or mlm. Why? Because if you succeed, then of course they succeed. It’s that simple. Just make sure you do the research on your chosen opportunity.

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