MLM Tree Software

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mlm tree software

Operating Multilevel Marketing program using infinite MLM tree Software is not a complex thing ,It have all the features like tree view ,incentive calculation,

Using the MLM  tree Software  we get the knowledge of up-line and down line members.The Infinite MLM software support search user in down line tree very easily so that we can travel on node to another node . also get the details like left user count and right user in the tree tool tip by moving on the node.Every down line members can add by clicking in tree view very easily with out any knowledge of  up-line member.This tree view  make powerful to the infinite MLM Software.When we upload member photo  in registration detail you can see the photo in  tree tooltip.

Using MLM Tree  Software we get the information like.

1.Left and right user count (in the case of binary)

2.Personal detail ( joining date  and address)

3.Search  down-line member very easily

4.Member status weather Active or Blocked.

5.Adding downline member by clicking in the bottom tree node.

MLM Tree Software  supports to set up any type MLM  compensation plan like binary, matrix, unilevel


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