Top 10 Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Coins

Pavanan Ghosh

Cryptocurrency trading is a highly rewarding venture to those are willing to take the risk. There are a lot of crests and troughs in the prices of crypto coins that are spiking the anxiety of the investors so much that it is a bit tiring at times.

Would like to stay at peace, invest in crypto coins and still get a good return on your investment? Well, then you are at the right place. You can earn passive income through cryptocurrency trading. Proof of Stake (POS) coins is the key.

In this blog, we shall give you best POS coins in the market that can make you good money.

Passive Income and Staking

Proof of Stake coins are essentially a better alternative to Proof of Work coins in terms of energy efficiency and complexity. There are two procedures of cryptocurrency mining – Proof of stake and Proof of Work.  Instead of the complex cryptocurrency mining process to gain coins, POS coins are gained just like the system of raffle ticket. A person will stake a certain amount on the network and sets a number of coins aside where the buyer cannot spend it. When ever new blocks are to be created, the wallets with more coins are chosen at random to validate the actions. 

Choosing a POS Investment Coin

Since investing in POS coins is a long term investment, a sense of caution is essential while making an investment. It may look all rosy at the moment but may tank a few months later, taking your money along with it down the drain.  

Doing better research and analysis of the market can help you a long way go a long way in choosing the right coin.

Here is a list of Top Ten POS Coins so that you can make the right investment choices.

List of Top 10 Staking Coins List For Making Right Investment Choices

1. NavCoin (NAV)

NavCoin is a peer to peer , non profit project that is derived from Bitcoin in 2014.  It is an open source currency that is a very reliable source of passive income. NAV was one of the first coins to adopt the Proof-of-Stake model.Staking NAV coins is an extremely easy task and gives a return of 5 % annually with no real drawbacks. Website:

2. NEO


Often described as China’s reply to Ethereum, NEO is a smart contract developing platform. When you claim a stake in the network, you generate GAS, the network;s internal currency. NEO can be staked in all wallets and in some exchanges. A constantly connected wallet is not necessary for earning GAS. Due to this reason alone, NEO is one of the easiest options for earning a passive income. Website:

3. Lisk (LSK)

Developers can create decentralised apps using JavaScript on Lisk Platform. It is similar to Ethereum but is more focussed and adaptable. A delegated Proof of Stake system is adopted in this case where the top 101 delegates will get all the staking rewards.

Staking and voting of delegates is done through Lisk Nano Wallet which is a complicated procedure.

Earning may vary from  month to month but most of the investors manage to gain back the invested amount within a span of one year. Website:

4. ARK

ARK links disparate blockchains together through Smart bridge Technology and provides fast and scalable technology, irrespective of the platform you are using. A delegated proof of stake system is in place that banks on its holders as voters and delegates as transaction processors. Voters with the coins vote for 51 delegates who forge new blocks. It is these chosen delegates that validate transactions, receive the awards and distribute a percentage of their choosing to the users that voted for them.

You don’t need your wallet to be connected and be online for you to earn. As long as you send your votes , you will earn the stake. Website:

5. Reddcoin (RDD)

RDD was created with an aim of simplifying digital transactions for the public. Micropayments are integrated into the social networks  to allow instant tipping of valuable content.

RDD charges no transaction fees, making it suitable for payment solutions. Reddcoin staking is very simple but synchronizing the blockchain can take a long time to complete and the wallet must stay connected online to generate income.



It is a private currency that is built for transactions with almost no transaction fees. It was derived from Dash but has been differentiating itself as a POS coin compared to Dash being a POW. the earnings alternated between master nodes and stake in a effort to manage the distribution of stake without bias.  Dividend for staking PIVK range between 5-10%.



7. Bean Cash (BEAN)

Formerly known as BlockBean, Bean Cash is built around large blockchain sizes and 60 second target block time. The confirmations of transactions are done in an extremely fast manner and requires low transaction fees.

Beach Cash refers to its validation algorithm as Proof of Bean and staking as sprouting which is similar to any other POS coins.

To start staking or in this case, “sprouting”, one would require at least 10000 beans ( read coins). Website:

8. Linda

Linda Project creates anonymous and dynamic cryptocurrency payments, fuelled by  stealth transactions and Tor masking. The platform pays back a humongous 70 percent return on payments. The investor can also run a master node and claim 9% ROI without any minimum investment requirements.


9. Decred (DCR)

It is an open digital currency with a hybrid consensus system that validates transactions by both POS and POW. This assures that profit is not dominated by a single group.

Dedicated stakers will have influence over how the platform flourishes. Staking is a relatively simple process that would require an active internet connection and an official wallet. Decred offers 2.2 % monthly return on investment.


10. Neblio (NEBL)

It is a highly secure, open source blockchain that is built for distributed application development. Enterprise level clients are the strong foot hold of Nebilo.

Nebilo stakes are heavily dependant on coin age. The coin has to be at least a day old to be contributing to staking. They would stop acquiring weight by 7 days.



This blog covers only some of the most profitable  Proof of Stake coins from an investment point of view. There are a lot of other PoS projects in the market, and a number of projects are in the pipeline which will soon open the doors to staking.

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