What Challenges you Face in Multi-Level Marketing 2021 Post Covid-19(1)

What Challenges you Face in Multi-Level Marketing 2023 Post Covid-19

Pavanan Ghosh

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected all businesses in the last couple of years. Multi-level marketing is no different. As a business that traditionally relies heavily on face-to-face meetings and social interactions, the pandemic has forced network marketers to look for alternatives. Economies everywhere are still suffering from the impact of Covid-19 and resultant restrictions.

Despite all these setbacks, MLM has been one of the businesses that have not been too severely affected by the pandemic. MLM members have adopted digital tools like social media, video conferencing apps, and more to attract new members and customers. But there are still some challenges for MLM businesses post the pandemic in 2023. Here let’s take a look at what challenges you will face in multi-level marketing in 2023 post the covid-19 pandemic.

Recruiting Members and Finding New Customers

In most MLM plans, members earn commissions when they recruit new members and when customers buy products from them. But recruitment and selling have been affected severely by the pandemic. It usually requires many meetings and face-to-face interactions to normally convert a potential recruit to a member.

But the possibility of these meetings has been completely erased due to covid-19. And getting your products to new customers can be very much difficult with the pandemic restrictions. But network marketers have found new tools to help recruitment and sales. Video meetings through tools like Zoom, Google Meet, Skype have replaced face-to-face meetings and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc… have been used to attract new recruits and customers.

Getting People to Invest

New members often have to invest, albeit a small amount normally to start their MLM journey. This amount would go into purchasing their initial stock of products to be sold, generally called starter kits. Members will also have to spend some money on promotions, marketing, working expenses, and so on. Although these expenses are minimal compared to the expenses required for starting a traditional business, it can still be difficult to convince people to invest an amount upfront.

The pandemic has significantly hit the finances of most people. Many sources of income have dried up and unemployment has risen considerably. It is only natural for people to be keen to hold on to their savings in the time of global uncertainty rather than invest in a new venture. It will take additional convincing to get people to invest in MLM business post-pandemic.
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Doubt and Fear

Running a successful MLM network can be a challenging experience. In many situations, you may find yourself being doubtful whether you have made the right decisions and fearful of the outcomes of your plans. But the feelings of doubt and fear are natural to have about any business especially during the time of a pandemic. Some people may have had bad experiences in MLM businesses before.
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They may have joined the wrong company with a dysfunctional team or a plan that doesn’t play to their strengths. Also, MLM businesses do not have the best reputations among the general public due to wrongful practices of certain companies or distributors. Doubt and fear regarding will be high in people post-pandemic. Members will have to educate potential recruits about the truths about MLM to overcome their doubts and fears.

Maintaining Relationships

MLM is all about relationships. Members work in teams and profits may depend on the performance of each other. In most MLM plans, you can earn commissions from the sales of your downlines. Your uplines will train you for your MLM journey and clear all your doubts in the matter. So it is important to maintain good relationships with your downlines and uplines. But the pandemic has made it difficult to maintain relationships in MLM networks. Network markers have to take extra efforts today to maintain relationships in MLM. Video calls, text messages, social media, can all be used to keep in touch with each other. You have to put time aside to connect with your MLM community and support their efforts.


It is important to properly educate recruits about the company they are representing, the product they will be selling, and MLM in general. People get into the network marketing business for many reasons and without good training, they would feel lost. Uplines or sponsors are responsible for the training of new members. Uplines are usually keen on this as their income also depends on the performance of downlines. Big meetups, expert sessions, workshops, seminars, etc were all conducted as a part of MLM training.

The pandemic has restricted huge public gatherings, all of these were not possible and network marketers had to look for new methods to train their recruits. Following the path of the education sector, MLM training has now switched online. Companies and sponsors have to now provide online MLM training courses for new members. Although this has its own merits, it cannot replicate the magic of large-scale MLM events.

Top MLM Products During the Pandemic

MLM companies selling supplements and other health-related products have had record growth in their sales over the pandemic. 2020/21 was a highly profitable period for companies like Herbalife, Nu Skin, and USANA. Herbalife is known for dietary supplements, Nu Skin sells personal care products and dietary supplements, and USANA sells nutritional products, dietary supplements, and skincare products. As people were stuck at home during the pandemic, their outlook on health and wellness has evolved. This has benefited the sales of such products. Also MLM’s offer a way to earn additional income during the pandemic when job opportunities are scarce.

MLM companies have taken a more health-centered approach and the business model is well suited for working from home. And the global pandemic situation has boosted the already active interest in health and wellness products among customers. It also provided a way for entrepreneurs stuck at home to earn significant income without going outside.


The covid-19 pandemic has impacted on multi-level marketing businesses considerably. People having more free time and not being able to go to work have positively affected the business. But lack of face-to-face meetings, the overall uncertainty, and economic slowdown has troubled network marketers everywhere. But multi-level marketers have always adapted well to the challenges put in front of them. Here we have taken a look at what challenges you will face in multi-level marketing in 2023 post the covid-19 pandemic. Keep these factors in mind and move forward with your MLM journey.

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