WP MLM Plugin – A Complete Solution for MLM Software

Pavanan Ghosh

Infinite MLM Software is extremely proud to unveil a leading edge WP MLM Plugin, exclusively designed to help you run a network marketing business on your WordPress website!

What is unique about WP MLM Plugin?

Gain the winning edge by employing our WP MLM Software Plugin, we guarantee you a smooth experience like never before!

  • The plugin can accommodate all major MLM plans and its payout and compensation schemes.
  • Well equipped with advanced features and other profound facilities, you can track commissions and simplify the complexity of the network.
  • The plugin is designed to merge seamlessly with the WP website and grant both the user as well as the admin a user-friendly experience.
  • The design is highly scalable and is well suited for mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.
  • The Plugin is robust and highly reliable. We have tried and tested it multiple times in numerous environments.
  • The plugin can handle the growing network of affiliates without slowing down.
  • The payments and other transactions are secured to enable smooth and quick transactions.
  • All measures have been taken to ensure that the data remains secure from any kind of external threats and there would be no ill effects on the hardware.
  • The plugin is highly flexible to accommodate any change in later stages post installation.
  • Designed to gel easily with other plugins, WP MLM Plugin can improve the overall efficiency of the website.
  • The Plugin responds easily to different systems and diverse user requirements.

What are the features in WP MLM Plugin?

There are separate panels for the admin and the users, both of them designed to incorporate the features exclusive to them.
Have a look!

Features of the Admin Panel

The dashboard shows the required data in brief, like the downlines, bonus details, Debit and credit info of the E-wallet, a list of the recently joined users, Top performers and a graphical display of the users joined each month. The admin panel has certain exclusive features like options to set the Registration package, Payment settings etc. He/she can monitor the entire downline and their business activities on a single click.

  • Users -All relevant data about a user like e-wallet data, bonus details, referral details etc are displayed in a list.
  • Genealogy Tree – The network of users are displayed in the form of a tree for easy reference.
  • E-Wallet management – There are options for Fund Transfer, Transfer Details and Fund Management, which is exclusive to the admin.
  • Reports – Joining reports, Profile Report of a particular user, bonus reports etc. can be generated here,
  • Change Password – The admin can change the user password, send transaction password to the users for the safe and secure transaction and change admin transaction password.
  • Settings – The admin can update the company details like the name of the company, logo, website address etc. The admin can set the registration package, payment settings etc.

How Admin panel works? Check out the video


Features of the User Panel

The dashboard of the user end in the plugin displays all the necessary data just like the dashboard of the admin panel. The panel is highly user-friendly and convenient since the entire data has been summarised in the dashboard and can be viewed on a single page. Anyone with basic computer skills can use the MLM plugin in his business.

WP User panel Demo

  • My profile – The sponsor information, package details, contact information and options to update password are displayed here.
  • Genealogy Tree – The tree view is displayed for easy understanding of the entire network, including a clear picture of his/her upline and downline.
  • E-Wallet Management – Similar to the admin panel, there are options for fund transfer. The user can also see the transfer details within a particular period of time.
  • Bonus Details – The user can view the compensation and the bonus details. Bonus can either be a flat bonus or a percentage of sales.
  • Referral Details– This tab shows a list of all the downline members recruited by you along with the contact details and joining date. 

How User panel works? Check out the video                  

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Are you on the lookout for a cost-effective software solution with advanced features for your MLM business? Infinite MLM software might just be the thing for you.

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