Infinite MLM Software Version 5.0.0 Released !

Pavanan Ghosh

After one year since our last update, Now we are proud to release our new version of MLM Software “ Infinite MLM Software version 5.0.0” ! The first and only responsive MLM Software available in the market right now. This whole new software package includes the introduction of new responsive design with updated features. This will be a great experience for you, and you can handle your business just like that.

In this era of smartphones, tablets and other portable devices everyone starts to depend upon these devices more than PC’s but nowadays the main problem is that most of the websites and softwares are not responsive and they are not compatible with these handheld devices,so in order to help our customer to handle their business more effectively. We are moving a bit longer by releasing our new software in in fully responsive mode.

The Responsive Infinite MLM Software Version 5.0.0 is a smart and trendy design that detects and responds to the device that the visitor is using and re-displays the pages. If the visitors using a desktop can simply see a great looking design, visitors using smart phones can see the same design but in a simplified version. The Responsive version is developed by using the most modern technology called bootstrap which helps to get more portability.

Other MLM features in Infinite MLM Software Version 5.0.0 are:

#1. New Menu Tools

The new Infinite MLM Software is featured with new modified menu tools which is more easy to access and user friendly.

#2. New Genealogy Tree

The old genealogy tree feature has been updated , the new genealogy tree will load in the same page and in more faster than the older version.

#3.New Sponsor Tree in binary and unilevel plan

Sponsor tree added in both binary MLM Plan and unilevel MLM Plan which will be helpful to more and more users.

#4. Brand new user and admin dashboard

The new version is also featured with a brand new admin dashboard and user dashboard

For more features of Version 5.0.0 : MLM version history

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Bikash Roy
Bikash Roy
6 years ago

I appreciate with all features in your new version MLM software
Nice Post