Infinite MLM Software Version 9.0 Released!

Pavanan Ghosh

We are excited and pleased to announce new features and enhancements to the Infinite MLM Software version 9.0. This is the latest release and is available with different features.

A Little Bit of History !!

Over the last 9 years, we’ve taken everything we’ve learned from our experience and from users request and requirements and put it all together in a best MLM package. We build perfect MLM Software for the successful business growth. And we have completely reworked to provide the best MLM software.

As we look back at Infinite MLM Software Version 8.0, our expert team focussed mainly on stair-step plan functionalities, package validity, opencart version upgrade and much more.

In the meantime, we want to make sure our network marketing software is extremely extra advanced to keep our customers productive and happy.

Here are the highlights of Version 9.0:

Technologies we have used;

  • PHP version 7
  • codeIgniter version 3.1.2
  • smarty template version 3.1.4
  • opencart version

Our redesigned dashboard options have been included with vector graph, sticky notes, joining details (for a month, year and day) and social media followers display. Also with new appearance and user friendly options.

We provide three additional attractive  theme along with the default theme.

Below is the Dashboard view after updating theme;

Our software always update with new period revisions, and have MLM version history for all additional features. We follow latest trends and features.

Additional features ;

1. Dashboard

a) Dashboard details change

  • Dashboard details can be changeable (4 boxes at top and joining graph)

b) Joining Graph

  • Left and right members join display in different colors for binary
  • Change graph details as per this year,month,day details on change
  • Membership/package joining count display as progress bar

c) Vector graph

  •  As per the joinings of region

d) Replication and LCP link share option

  • Copy option and link share option for facebook, google plus, twitter

e) To do list

  • Option to add task, delete and update

f) Social media followers display and its configuration

2. Registration

a) Pending registration option

  • Temporary registration and confirmation by admin
  • It can be configure from admin side

b) Bank information section remove or configurable in registration form.

c) New member placement configuration

  • Configuration may be left,right,no preference for binary

d) Bank transfer payment method

  • Receipt upload option or can be pending until bank confirmation

3. Member registration/sign up settings

Option to ON/OFF following settings

a) Need to give referral amount

b) Registration allowed

c) Sponsor required – if set as no, default should be admin

d) Email notification mail send

e) Option to fix binary leg – change it as left leg,right leg,no priority

f) Age limit settings – now 18 years old is default

4. Package wise calculation

a) Package wise calculation for following(both MLM and opencart side)

  • Referral commission
  • Pair price in binary

5. Package upgradation

  • Membership package upgradation

6. Payout Release configuration

a) Option to mark as paid after bank transfer

  • That is, there are two stages – processing(after payout released) and paid (after done bank transaction)

b) Display payout release by admin and user request in same page, also it’s status can be change from admin side.

7. Withdrawal option

a) Added payment gateway for withdrawal

  • paypal
  • block chain
  • block trail
  • bitgo

8. Option to cancel user request for withdrawal before processing

9. Commission changes

a) Compression for commission – with ON/OFF configuration

10. Rank Management

a) Rank Achieving history

b) Next rank achieving details

11. Bitcoin integration

  • Integrated remaining methods such as block chain, bitgo

12. Leg Select option

Leg selection option from user side in binary plan

  • In the user side of binary plan, option to select their default leg.(available if no leg settings from admin side)
  • Options may be – left leg, right leg, weak leg, no priority

13. Logout time set

Inactivity logout time settings

  • Option to set inactivity logout time like 30 sec, 60 sec, 120 sec

14. Configurable Replication page

  • All details shown in replication page is configurable
  • Option to add content from individual user side

More about replicated website for MLM Business

15. CRM

16. Epin Transfer option

  • Epin transfer option in both admin and user side

17. Google authentication

  • For bitcoin payment method only – block chain, block trail, and bitgo

18. Transaction password reset option

19Configuration change history

  • Configuration change tracking
  • Correct tracking if admin change any configuration

20. Menu changes and design changes

21. Language

  • We provide Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and now introduced Russian language to our system.

Want to know more about Infinite MLM Software? You can try out MLM Software Demo here for free.

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