All New Infinite MLM Software Version 7.0

Pavanan Ghosh

Today, we had taken a big leap in MLM Software Development. In the light of success and wide reception from the past, we are now proud to address the new dedicated destination for all your problems and complication in MLM business, all new Infinite MLM Software Version 7.0. Seamlessly integrated with state-of-art features and conveniently glanceable design to endow more reliable and user-friendly experience that none of our competitors can match. The beta version was released in October last year, now stable version of our MLM Software released on its full Fledge functionality that can drive your business to new dimensions.
In this version of Infinite MLM Software, we spotlight our new features multi-currency, multi-theme, Ticket-based Support System and E-commerce along with other multiple Add-on for customization such as Lead Capture and Auto-Responder System, New Replicated Website, Uni-level and Binary Downline Reports. The mail system is redesigned to with an additional option to view send-mail. also, Promotional tools such as text invites, banner invites, and social media invites are also introduced.

Infinite MLM Software version 7

New Features of Infinite MLM Software Version 7.0


This advanced feature gives to users to choose or adds their desired currency and functions on that currencies format. This gives the user more reliability and efficiency than that on standard currency format.


In this version, we replenish our software with two additional themes(true-blue and dandelion) along with our default theme.


We introduce today’s most widely used business platform in this new version “E-Commerce”. By integrating E-commerce with our MLM Software, We anticipate users can purchase commodities using credit cards or other payment methods in ease and convenient manner.

4.Ticket-based Support System:

This module helps the user to create an issue with ticket-based support and notify the Admin. Admin can delivery timely response to the user based on tickets. Both admin and user can access the status of tickets.

5.Lead Capture And Auto-Responder System:

Lead capture is a simple website, that appears when we click on some promotional links. Here also lead capture holds the same functionality, for promotion and inquiries.

6.New Replicated Website:

We introduced a newly replicated website feature which allows a user and his affiliates to create their own personalized website and introduce their products through it. Thus, promoting the business more effectively.
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Are you on the lookout for a cost-effective software solution with advanced features for your MLM business? Infinite MLM software might just be the thing for you.

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Bikash Roy
Bikash Roy
6 years ago

I appreciate with all features in your new version MLM software
Nice Post