MLM Software Pricing – Factors Determining The MLM Software Cost

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MLM software has become one of the most important aspects of any multi-level marketing business. All leading MLM companies today use software to facilitate their operations. It eases the management process,  reporting, and provides increased security for sensitive data. All calculations are made easy, error-free, and payments of commissions and bonuses can be automated using MLM software.

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As MLM is a global business today, MLM software must support multiple compensation plans and currencies. Many advanced features such as E-commerce, blockchain-based smart contracts, etc are also part of MLM software today. There are many MLM software pricing options available today. If you are planning to buy MLM software, you have to consider these factors determining the multi-level marketing software price.

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Affordable and Low Cost MLM Software

Today we can find MLM software in any price range. The cost of MLM software depends on many aspects which we have already discussed here. What most companies are looking for is the perfect blend between features and pricing. They want low cost MLM software with quality features and functionalities.

Cheap MLM software can be found in plenty by many service providers. But being cheap on its own cannot guarantee success in the market. You need to provide advanced features and functionalities at an affordable cost.

Infinite MLM software is the industry leader in delivering custom, white-label MLM software at a low cost. The company has been around for over a decade in the industry and has experience providing such services at all pricing options for MLM companies from all over the world.

Many companies purchase cheap MLM software initially and pay the price with complications and crashes during their operation. Most of the promised features would not even be there and even if they are, those would be barely functional. It is not a wise approach to get into the market looking for high-end features on a limited budget. You will most likely get tricked into buying poor, error-prone, buggy MLM software. Now you will have to start all the way over and begin your MLM software development process all over again. This will cost way more than going for a reliable option upfront.

Infinite MLM is an open-source affordable MLM software. That means that you can start out with minimal features and expand as your company grows or as your demands and requirements go up. So even if your initial budget is limited, you don’t have to compromise and go for low-quality software. You can get reliable, fully functional, affordable MLM software from Infinite MLM.

Here are the pricing of Infinite MLM software for various MLM compensation plans. You can find more pricings details here.

Factors Determining MLM Software Pricing

Like any other software, MLM software pricing depends on many factors. It is necessary to envision the project in detail before beginning the software development process. The requirements and features of the software have to be effectively communicated with the developers for best results. Let’s have a look at some of the factors determining MLM software pricing.

    • Time to market

The MLM software development process can take anywhere from a few days to months. More people working on the project could speed up the process, but only slightly. A complex project will take a specific time to develop as processes need to happen in a certain order. As development progresses, there could be many complications and errors. Proper time needs to be invested in correcting these errors and bugs to make the software function properly. More employees, infrastructure, and hours will need to be used to take the product from development to market in a quicker time frame. So the time in which the product needs to be delivered will affect the multi-level marketing software price.

    • Features

The functionalities or features to be included in the software will influence the development process and the MLM software pricing. Basic software with only the necessary features can be developed at minimal cost in a short time. You must initially determine exactly what you want from the software. Where should it be hosted? Will you need features like database, API, mobile apps, etc? It is ideal to initially develop a minimum viable product on a strict budget with only the necessary features. This product can then be tested with users and required changes can be made. The cost of the product will increase according to the features required to implement. Also, different features will cost different depending on the complexity and resources required to implement them.

    • Integrations

According to present-day standards, the MLM software will have to be integrated with several other external applications to ensure its proper functioning. The cost and effort required will depend upon the integrations you want to use. It can be easy to integrate payment providers or external wallets. But many other applications like customer relationship management systems, human resources management tools, and business intelligence tools will require time, money, and effort. E-commerce platforms like Magento, Woocommerce, Shopify, etc are popular integrations in MLM software today. Smart contract functionalities based on different blockchains are also integrated into MLM software.

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    • Design elements

The design element of your product is what makes it stand out. The usability of the software is also an important factor. It is an important part of the product development process. You do not want your software to be dull-looking or hard to use. Your functional and graphical requirements should be met. The software should look attractive enough to users, and provide ease of use to all users. Highly extravagant design elements could be difficult to implement for developers and will cost more. You will also have to consider your budget while deciding on design elements.

    • Experience in the market

Experience in the market is a key factor determining the price of MLM software. You have to make sure that the service provider you are choosing has years of experience in the development and maintenance of MLM software. The purchase of network marketing software is not a one-and-done process. Support and maintenance are an important part of the deal. And experienced companies are well aware of this fact. So they set the pricing of the product considering after-sales support and services. This may be initially higher, but would definitely be worth it in the long term. If you are in the market for an MLM software, the golden rule is to choose a service provider with years of experience in the field and knows all the ins and outs of the business.

What is MLM Software Pricing?

Multi-level marketing software price depends on the features, design, and integrations.  Software with just the necessary features and a simple development process will cost nearly $25,000 – 70,000. An MLM software with several complicated features and integrations such as E-commerce, CRM, business intelligence, etc can cost over $100,000.


Here we have discussed the various factors that determine multi-level marketing software pricing. It is necessary to have MLM software today to effectively run an MLM company. Infinite MLM software is a leading MLM software development company that can provide you with cost-effective, user-friendly, fully customizable software solutions. Try out our MLM software demo today.

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